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Friday, September 18, 2009

Treasured Pictures

Hi there folks, it is Friday once again, another exciting entry for Mommy MOments. The theme for this week is treasured pictures. This is why I am a little bit late for my entry because I have a hard time figuring out which photos should I post. Actually all the pictures that I took is a treasure to me but unfortunately I have to pick the most meaningful ones. Here are my entries.

This is the only picture I have of my parents when they were still dating. Who do you think I look like. The folks from our place say that I look exactly like Mama.

I love this picture of hubby and Rylie, look so sweet!

Rylie's sweet bonding wit Pap Pooch!

Reading time with Mommy and Daddy

My husband is probably going to kill me with tickles (I am ticklish) when he sees this hahaha. The guy on the left side is John. I think the name of their band was Grafitti.

This is a photo of John's Dad and Mom with his sister Crystal and her daughter Jen. The ornery looking boy is my husband, now you know why EJ is very ornery lol.

I Love this photo because it is one of those moments where my husband and two lil' ones are bonding together. This was taken last year's July 4th celebration when we watched the fireworks display in KOrea.

A peaceful bonding. Now they are like cat and dog hahaha, always growling at each other.

Taken at the hospital when I gave birth to EJ.

Just having fun with Mommy's silly joke hehehe..

My first time experiencing Winter time.

Alrighty folks, thanks a lot for peeking at my entry!


  1. Rose yong 1st pic na black and white, akala ko ikaw yon with your fil ex nyahaha..buti na lang sinabi mo na parents mo pala yon...mag ka mukhang kamukha talaga kayong dalawa...hhehehe

  2. I love that pics bakla when Rylie holding EJ at the hospital, ahhh ang sweet ni ate. At ang cute ng reading time ninyo, interesado na talaga si Rylie sa books ano kahit baby pa, tingna mo hinawakan pa ang book. bakla mana ka sa mama mo,.I love all your pictures dito bakla, they really tell a story. Thanks for sharing them.mwah... nytnyt na po ang lola mong badingding kasi midnight na.

  3. old photos bring back those treasured memories.

    parang 14 yrs. old lang tatay mo sa picture. tapos nanay mo parang ikaw. sya ang kamukha mo.

  4. hello sis lovely pictures and nakaka bilib that you will able to keep those old pictures that is indeed a treasured... Your kids are so sweet and ang cute nila together habang natutulog...

    Have fun guys enjoy your weekend btw, ang lamig na dito sa gabi jan for sure mas malamig na siguro...

  5. I like the picture of your hubby holding your baby...Nice....Happy MM!

  6. You look VERY much like your mom. I like the picture of you in the snow, too. :D

  7. Oh wonderful pictures. They have everything from the past to the present. Yes, you look exactly like your mother. I did not know that John has a band of his own before. Do they have any video recording? I really love all your pictures. They tell everything. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  8. wOW! sorry, but I'll be taking much space here. must be my longest comment ever in my history of blogging.. na-amazed lang ako sa mga photos mo in this entry.

    #1 namiss ko ang parents ko, sana dito pa rin sila. wala nga lang ako pic since nasa province mga old photos. sorry mommy rose, but your mom is more beautiful than you, she has this classic beauty.. ang ganda niya!

    photo #2, how sweet, dad and daughter bonding!

    # 3 one proud papu! im sure sobrang miss na nila mga apo.

    #4 & 5, nice, galing mo naman to have captured ganitong moment.

    #6..really? talented ha! it wouldn't be a surprise to see EJ someday with this pic .

    #7 haha, i wonder why you use this word ornery to describe your husband. lol. but honestly I saw some photos of EJ with this exact facial expression.

    # 8, obviously, your kids were amazed by the fireworks display, i can visualize here through the excitement in their faces, what they've actually witnessed.

    #9 what a peaceful bonding. rylie is so cute with her chubby face. mwaah..

    #10 how sweet ni ate..

    #11 oh so adorable!

    #12 it must be very nice experience, winter wonderland!

    obviously, nagenjoy ako dito. haha.
    Happy mommy moments day!

  9. i love all your pics!^_^...buti at may natago ka pang pics ng parents mo dyan sa iyo nung bata pa sila...kamukha mo si mamang...
    galing naman ni hubs..asa band...
    gaganda ng photos nyong family.

    hay salamat sa wakas nakumpleto ko ang visit sa mga blogs mo now lang ako nakaluwagluwag hehehe ^_^ at medyo sinipag.mabuhay! ^_^

  10. Wow!!Akala ko talaga ikaw ang nasa black&white na pic--you really looks like your Mom!!Pati si EJ,kaya pala kay Sir John nagmana ang pagiging kikoy nya eh lol!!

    Happy Mommy Moments to you,Ate Rose!!Uwi muna kami sa bukid--I'll be back next week,medyo mahaba-haba ang bakasyon ngayon dito.I'll be missing you!!^_^

  11. I love the photo of Rylie holding EJ such a touching moment. Great photos, all of them.

  12. I miss passing by here mare c: I really had a great time looking at your treasured pics and yes you look like your mom c; Tell john that he should not laugh at his pics hehehe and even get embarrassed...meron din ganyan ang hubby ko he loves to play the guitar until now c;he also had a band before c:

    Your bonding pics are really precious c; I would like to do this too and I would definitely be having a hard time choosing which pics to choose c;

  13. Nalingaw ko og tan-aw sa mga pics Madam sis Rose.. those are to keep!

  14. Nice collection of treasured pics, sis. :)

    You really look like your mom and Ej looks like his Dad.

    Your kids love reading time too. :)

  15. hello Rose! musta na? family bonding is very important, ang saya saya ninyo, God bless!

  16. I love those pictures! And, you look exactly like your Mom! They look so cute together!

    I love the pictures of hubby and the kids...those are memories to cherish! :)

  17. cute man sading mga pictures nyo heheh oi kapandok mo mama mo adi hehe

    sensya na di na me masyadu blog hop naganap ako work ngana pigulat ko so result sana makalog ako hehehe

    pray for me bru
    take care

  18. They're like cat and dog - hahahah na enjoy ako sis. Buti pa Papa at Mama mo may dating pic. And yeah you look a lot like your Mama. I always enjoy looking at your photos. Nahirapan akong mamili ng paborito, but I always love it when Pap Pooch is starring among the pics, maybe because I have very fond memories of my own grandpa. Naku si Hubster my hidden talent pala, sis! :-)

  19. you chose the best pictures! thanks for sharing them with us...

    i love the pictures of your kids together.. definitely precious!

  20. You have great collections. Interesting picture of your parents :)
    Have a good weekend.

  21. Those are really treasured photos, especially the old pictures. Truly priceless.

  22. Nice photo story. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  23. Rose, dami mo treasured pics anoh; fave ko yung mga pictures nila RY and EJ, kakatuwa talaga at very cute sila...thanks for sharing dear!

  24. waaaaaaaa...huling huli ako dito sa comment ah....feeling ko na left out ako sa post...nyahhaha..nagdrama pa ang!

    thanks for sharing the photos are the resemblance of your mama...hawig na hawig talaga...:)

    woi man banda pala si john dati...hehehe...he looks totally different....jammer pala asawa mo sis bakla...hehehhe!

    musta manang ko...hope to chat with you one of these days...sure manang I can help you about the badge thing...may photoshop ka ba? you need to have photoshop to make the badge/s.

    sige sis, daan muna ako hop muna ako..mwah!

  25. love the pics especially the one where rylie was holding ej at the hospital... type ko rin yong bonding pic nila where rylie was wearing I am a big sister shirt...

  26. ate kamukha mo siguro mom mo, ang galing naman.. mukhang batang bata pa sila nun ha.. childhood sweerthearts ba? Your hubby is such a sweet dad, parang hubby ko hehe.. Musician pala sya hehe, siguro dami din nya chicks dati pero syempre ngayon ikaw lang.. sana next baby ko baby boy, parang mas masaya yata..

    happy weekends ate mwah

  27. You do look like your Mama. Hey Rose, I love all the pictures that you posted. The bonding and all. Hehehe, your kids are like mine, when they asleep, they are so sweet, when they wake up, they're like lions, growling at each other. Have a great day!!!

  28. yep you are as pretty as you're mom.. good things you still got all those old pics- that's so great.

    Happy MM.

  29. hello Rose, ang mom and dad mo ambabata nila ah lalo na dad mo para siyang 10 years old sa photo hehehe... I like the one Rylie and john ang cuter naman nun, i have the same with hubby and my kids too truly they are precious moments ano... at ang cute naman ng little princess mo holding little bro that is real momento talaga.

  30. Carbon ka pala ng Mother mo Rose.I love the way you'd share your treasured picture in here but I love the picture of your family while reading books to your kids the most;D


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