Friday, September 25, 2009

Our favorites...

The theme for this week's Mommy Moment is "That's my favorite" where you can post photos of your children with their favorites.

The blanket that EJ was using as a pillow Was Rylie's baby blanket. EJ can't sleep without it. We have to bring it everywhere we go or else he wont be able to sleep. His most favorite toy is the sword, he also sleeps with it hehehe.

The set of outfit that Rylie is wearing in this picture is her favorite. She wants to wear it everyday.

EJ's favorite style of fashion when we were in PI (shirt-less) and favorite past time (digging the sand).

Their favorite past time in the Philippines.
Their favorite cousins and playmate in the Philippines, my late brother's daughters Yami and Bhim.
EJ's favorite bonding with Mommy when he was an infant.
Daddy's favorite picture with EJ.
Her favorite pony in our basement, her Tita Chris gave this to her.
Favorite bonding with Daddy during winter time, riding a sled.
Rylie's Favorite cuz and playmate in the States
Rylie's favorite Tita (Aunt)
This is her favorite care bear stuff toy.

I have so many more photos of their favorites but I am tired of digging into our photo archives lol. Thanks a lot for coming by folks, your visits are always highly appreciated.


  1. nice picture. love all your pics and ang favorite ko un pang apat na pic ^_^

  2. i am happy i see you were into breastfed, that's good, i am a promoter of breasfeeding.

  3. daming fave ah, nice pics girl sasali ako in a minute hehehe

  4. wow daming fave nila... i wouldn't mind playing in the sled too... kaso walang ganyan dito...

    mami rose sensya na now lang ako ng reply sa Q mo... diba sa LFB may check doon sa invitation... i click mo yon tapos doon mo ilagay ang URL

  5. ang gaganda ng mga pics Rose, lalo na yong nag pa dede ka, tsaka yong pic ni Rylie with her fav dress...ang ganda nya...hahaha

    Ty sa mga pics..nag enjoy ako...

  6. thanks for sharing the pics Buds!
    And here's my favorite too:
    Favorite Friend - YOU!

    Kisses to Rye & EJ! God bless Buds!

  7. I'd rather be in the ocean than in the sled! But they look like they are enjoying both. So cute - and I love the blanket that has been passed down. How nice of your son to sleep with his sword so he is always ready to protect his family from monsters ;0)

  8. Your children are definitely darlings sis.. Pretty girl and boy..

    The blanket that he's using as a pillow is so sweet to think. It's not even a pillow but he could not sleep without it. Your daughter's fave outfit is nice too no wonder it's her favorite..

  9. She is a darling girl..Nice shots for us to see. happy MM!

  10. aw nice sets of photos naman to mare! !:) katuwa ung fave dresss ni rylie.. ang cute nya nmn kc tlga kaya fave nia un! hehehe

  11. I love that sled ride. kung sa atin pa yan sis yong branch ba ng niyog hahahahha! EJ's outfit on the pic with his dad reminds me of CJ's pants exactly like that given to him by my gradschool classmate.
    I love Rylie's pose with the garden hose :-)

  12. Beautiful photos! Love the one on the beach. :)

    My MM entry is here.

  13. Your kids are adorable every time nalang na nakikita ko ang pictures nyo I always feel how much you love each other and it shows lang na your happy and contented :p keep it up sis,your so blessed to have a wonderful family..God bless you :p

  14. Lovely photos! As always, lovely kids. :)

  15. “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” Have a fun weekend!

  16. Great pictures and Happy Mommy Moments. Thanks for dropping by my blog

  17. wow! ang damingfaves.. Godbless.

  18. Basta about favorites ang topic, mahirap talaga pumili kung anong pictures ang i po post :D

  19. Wonderful, sweet and lovable family moments!

  20. wow, what a great family, I love all the pictures...
    Thanks for the visit ha.
    Blessings and have a great weekend.

  21. Yes kids can have so many favorites. Great pictures you have here :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  22. i love rylie in her favorite outfit. she's so pretty there, and looks like a lady..
    Ej seems like he enjoyed so much digging the sand at the beach in PI. nice! cute nga favorite niya beach attire.. :)

  23. nice entry, rose :-) i love the one where ej was on the beach and ry on her pony.

  24. Ang dami talagang pictures ng mga favorite nila. I love Rylie's first picture; the one when you are breastfeeding Rylie and of course Baby Rylie with his Dad. Treasure talaga ang mga photos ng family natin no. :)

  25. ako favorite ko yung last picture ni rylie- she's soooo pretty sitting with the care bear.

    and obvious nga na fave ni EJ yung blankie and sword, good combination for a great nap.hehe

    Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

  26. Rylie is so adorable. I like the picture when your breastfeeding her. That's priceless! Happy Mommy Moments!

  27. woww..ganda ng mommy moments pictures. so cute ng mga kids mo. happy family with two beautiful kids.

    take care

  28. My gosh I am so late in your MM bakla, ang dami pa namang cutie faves dito. I love the first pic, EJs fave so cute. hindi talaga siya makatulog pag wala ang pillow ano, ang cute nman plus may sword pa. Nasaan na ang binocular niya na tinatabi rin sa pagtulog.

    Ganda naman ni Rye sa fave dress niya mana sa inang bakla.

    winter again mag sledding na naman ang pamilya.

    thanks for sharing your lovely MM bakla. enjoy the weekend guys.
    smooches to your chubskulit form J&J hehe

  29. Hello rose!
    nakakatuwa naman tingnan ang pamilya mo,pati ako naaaliw sa mga pictures ng anak mo.
    at sorry nga pala,di pa nasagot ang tanong mo,tungkol sa aking asawa.
    Oo,tama ka!

    Ingat lagi!

  30. Bakla anong nangyari sa mga badges mo nawala ang mga link heheh sa pag move mo siguro yan naiwan ang url sa ibang lugar.

  31. wow bongga naman tong entry mo sis...hehehe!

    korek, ako din...a pain in a butt to dig in all the!

    thanks for sharing....:) drop drop muna ako..mwah! have fun kau sa weekend nyo....:)

  32. as usual, your photos made my day.. so cute naman ni ej, parang yung brother ng hubby ko when he was still a kid, di daw makatulog kung wala yung fave blanket nya and he would never want to wash it.

    Rylie is so lovely with her dress.. parang lady lady na talaga.

    ENjoy your weekends ate =) lapit na kayo uwi ng states nyan,

  33. galing ng sword man here!!!
    baka maging mandirigma si inaanak ko hehe..imagine mas love nya yung sword kesa ki mami! hihihi

  34. thanks for sharing so many photos with us! i love the first photo! :D

    he really loves the sword! :D

    happy mommy moments!

  35. Ang mga bata talaga talagang maraming faves kahit na sa pagtulog lol!!EJ's so cute on his big sissy's blanket!^_^

    Hello there,Ate Rose!!Actually,last Thursday pa kami naka-uwi nung silver week holiday dito.Di na nga ako nakapag habilin ng post para dun kasi nawalan na ako ng time.

    Have a blissful Sunday to you and your family,Ate Rose!!Bisita muna ako sa mga ka-friends natin dito--na-miss ko na nga rin sila eh!!

  36. those are lovely photos that are worth a treasure mommy rose. kids do get attached to a lot of things because it is their source of comfort. it could be a blanket, a doll or a toy, and without it, they can't sleep well or won't settle down. thanks for sharing all these beautiful memories!

  37. kagigil talaga mga bebes mo! pakurot ha, ehehehe

  38. Wow, so many wonderful photos of your family's favorites. They are really a joy to watch. I'm simply amazed at the number of photos you have. Must be millions of them by now. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.


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