Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inexpensive Hobbies

One of the many things that my husband and I has in common for a hobby is photography. Before I discovered blogging, I used to spend 20-50 bucks worth of money in ordering copies of the photos we've taken. But when I started blogging, I only upload them here and did not bother having hard copies anymore, although I still want to (I just can't afford as there's too many lol). Anyhow, these two are always the subject of our photography obsession.
I love gardening as a hobby too. This year though, I did not buy any plants at all as I did not have any savings for it. What I did was spread out the seeds that I collected from the previous years and that is all what I have in my garden this year. I still have pretty flowers even if I did not spend any thing this year. Do you save the seeds too?


  1. gardening is one of the hobby I like .kaya lang hindi diot sa super init na disyerto .pagbalik namin states for sure magtatanim ako.

  2. Hello there,Ate Rose!I envy you for having a green thumb--I love flowers but I don't know how to keep the flowers to survive,palaging namamatay ang halaman namin(T_T)

    Glad that you receive 'em--it's a Japanese letter box with clock nga pala yun lol!Good for interior ^_^ hinde ko ba nasulat dun?Di ko na yata matandaan kung ano ang mga nakasulat sa rubber stamp.sorry pow at pasencya na rin--umabot ng panahon ni kupong-kupong ang padala ko for your birthday.

    Bakasyon ng mga bata ngayon kaya di masyadong makapag-bloghop, puro gala at ang negra ko na lol! when I have the time, I will talaga!Miss yah!

  3. Wow! I also love taking pictures but I only have a digicam. I look forward on buying a DSLR but I still have to wait for our finances to settle.

    Nice hobby.

  4. beautiful naman ang subjects nyo sa photography at very cooperative. sanay na sanay magpakuha.

    ang sarap talaga pag may bakuran. ako din nagtatanim kaso sa paso, ehehe.

  5. Good hobbies. I like photography too. But I am not into gardening.

  6. I also love taking pictures of my kids, and like you, I used to spend money for photo developing, but now that I have digicam, everything is in the computer and I print the ones I like to put in a frame. di ako talaga pwede sa gardening, napatay ko mga halaman ko, wahhh!

  7. kung kasing ganda ba naman ni Riley ang magiging future daughter at model ko eh baka ma-addict din ako sa pagpicture picture sa kanya..

    here's my share

    Happy CC!

  8. Magaganda nga ang mga hobbies mo- photography at gardening. Very affordable nga ang mga iyon lalo na't kung ina upload mo na lamang ang mga photos mo sa internet. Sa gardening naman ay you can always collect the seeds of the fruits and vegetables you eat and you can also ask saplings of flowers from friends and relatives so that you can have that dream flower and fruit garden you always wanted. Huwag mo lang kakalimutan yung rose garden mo, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. no, i don't save the seeds, I don't even touch them! hahaha!!! baka di pa tinatanim eh mamatay na agad...

    ang saya naman ng iyong hobbies, ate rose! pansin ko nga, dami mo laging pics sa mga posts mo... maganda nga rin yun for safe keeping dba? atleast pwede mo balik-balikan kahit ilang years pa dumaan,,,


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