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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chubby Cheeks

If you want t ease some of your worries, just look at Gracie's chubby cheeks and radiating beauty. Our little Ms. Red Head always gives us smiles even if she doesn't feel good. She is the kind of baby that you want to baby sit as she is really good! We love you Grace!


  1. Gracie, you're sooos cute! Pahiram naman ako sis. pahlihian ko kaya, hehe

  2. Good thing I can't be there to squeeze her cheeks and kiss her and "singhot" her baby fragrance. Gigil!! Cute, cute, baby!!

  3. Oh she is so cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just became a following, I will be stopping by again!


  4. wow!! cuter picture!!!! please pinch her cheeks for me!! real hard okay??


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