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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Candy Land

We bought this Candy Land game when it went on sale last December for $5. I just now have it put out for us to play and it's a good one for the whole family to play. It needs four players so all of us has its own.
Ms. Burrito is getting so addicted to it that he wants us to play every time she gets lol.
She even asked her teacher if she could bring it to show to her classmates but we told her to just wait until their next show and tell so as not to disrupt their classes.
Thanks for visiting  guys.  We are a little busy right now so I can't visit back yet.  I hope and wish that everyone is having a good day.


  1. Thanks for dropping by. I thought I was already following you but wasn't. I've now fixed that :)

    Happy thursday!

  2. The game looks fascinating and exciting. I have not yet played it though. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. e-enjoy ang paglalaro sa kanila Rose, kasi dadating ang time na ayaw na nila tayong kalaro waaaaaaaaaa.

  4. let them play the game that they want, agree ke kat, minsan lang maging bata, look at my kids now, kelan lang, ang bilis ng panahon diba..

  5. My bagong pinagkakaabalahan ang family ah .. enjoy your new bonding time ..

  6. That's a new kind of board game ah! Pang kiddie na, pang pamilya pa!

  7. we have that game board, too and like RY Jacob loves to play with it too!

    cute entry for PF :-)

  8. lovely pictures, cute poses and my bagong laruan na pagkakaabalahan ang buong family...

  9. so cute...akesha loves this game....:)

  10. I'm sure it is fun to play Candy Land!
    Here's my daughter's ENTRY.
    Come play with us at Messy Go Round Meme and have fun!

  11. What a lovely post. Happy pink Saturday

  12. sounds like a nice game...wishing you a great weekend! -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...

  13. super ganda talaga ni Ry...sorry for late visit.

    my pink entry here;


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