Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nice Neighbors

he neighborhood where we live  is great.    The neighbors are really  nice and helpful.  This is our neighbor Don, he always volunteer to help us  whenever we have  projects  at home.  He also love the kids, he treat them like they are his  grandkids.
He hurt his back when he was painting his house so we did not hesitate to help him out.  My husband on the ladder.
The kids love painting so they did the steps.
We all helped him, hubby finished the painting job for him.
He  was a big help to us when we were putting our fence too.
It is so nice to find neighbors who cares.
Another neighbor that we always talk to is the house next to us.  
The kids love them and they love the kids too.  They always come when we invite them for  special occasion and they always give the kids pressies.
God blessed us with  Nice neighbors and I am very thankful for that!


  1. its a blessing to have neighbours as yours..such must they be treasured..
    thanks for sharing, i like the theme of your blog..

  2. Lovely, reminded me so much of my 1st sharing on TT... Neighbours are part of love in our daily life... A great share.. :)

  3. it's so NIFTY to have nice neighbors!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. What a blessing to have nice neighbors. We are blessed too, as our Aunt lives across the stree, and Ci lived next door and keeps me in lemons, and Risso, is just a wonderful helpfun man.

    Nice post for Nice Neighbors.

  5. Neighbors are friends to treasure :)

  6. You do have great neighbors. We live kind of off so we don't have neighbors but I love the way yours lend a hand and you return the favor.
    Thanks so much for coming by and visiting.
    I'm returning the favor.

  7. Good neighbours are great! Mine shovelled my driveway this past winter because they knew I'd had back surgery and couldn't. Otherwise, I'd have been snowed in. What a blessing!

    abcw team

  8. It's a good to establish good relationship with your neighbor, 'coz in time of emergency, sila yung una mong mahingan ng tulong. And syempre iba ang feeling pag okay and maganda ang relation ng magkakapitbahay.

    Follow you!

  9. Great neighbor make all the difference in the world. You are lucky.

  10. Your family is really lucky Ate Rose to have nice neighbors :)

  11. Swerte mo naman, sis. Kami, yung katapat ng house namin, napaka chismoso and pakialamero nung nakatira dun. I pray he finds love and happiness na. That way, he'll leave us alone! Hehehe :D

  12. Ooh, that's really nice. Just like here in the philippines. Bayanihan!

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  13. Thats nice to know .. Parang dito lang sa pnas tulungan :)

  14. You are so blessed to have a good neighbor. It is different here in our place, mga tsismosa mga neighbors namin dito, we can't trust them because they are a treat in our peaceful life. Thanks for sharing sis. Talagang napakabait ninyo.

  15. The neighborhood is always in the list in finding a house.

  16. na buti pa kau sis...mga neighbors namin dito snub...waaa! 6 of our close neighbors are single tapos lahat nasa military....mga feeling kasi! sila snub din ako!

  17. Having great neighbors is a blessing for sure, and one thing money cannot buy. Great post!

  18. It's great to have nice neighbors you can be friends with, hang out with, and ask for help when you need it. :)


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