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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Champ got Injured

Our poor little Champ got injured last Tuesday morning. He fell in our patio porch and broke his lower bone on his left leg. I feel so bad because the once full of life aka super hyper dog is now just sitting in one corner in pain.
The vet said that he might heal in 4-6 weeks so he has to wear this cast/splint. On the first day, he was in agony and couldn't move. Now he can drag his leg and walk around a little bit.
I prays that he heals so soon because it is causing me pain seeing him suffer, he is like one of my kids.

Thanks Rye for taking care of Champ.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Get well soon Champ and come and play with us! We Love Ya!

    Hyde, Tink, Tank, Butch, Fatboy Ozzy, Cat, Tweet, and Fish Also Gail and Chris!

  2. How is he now?

    Hope your little champ would soon get well.

    Just dropping by

  3. Ohhh poor little champ, ayan champ dapat easy easy lng super hyper mo kasi. get well soon champ para yung isang paa mo naman mapilayan ha

  4. Aww the photo is just too much heart-breaking :( I hope he gets well soon.

  5. Aww! I hope he heals quickly! I'm sure he will, it looks like he's surrounded by lots of love :)

  6. oh..wawa naman si Champ..get well soon Champ.

  7. He's a cute little dog. Hope he recovers soon.

  8. oh poor little Champ! hope he'll be well soon! Happy Sunday te!

  9. Poor little Champ, how the next few weeks go fast for the poor little guy.

  10. Oh, poor Champ. Hope he recovers quickly.


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