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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun with Clay Dough

While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive yesterday, Rylie enjoyed playing with her clay dough. Clay dough is a good thing to have for kids ages 3 and up because it stimulates their creativity. I even enjoyed playing with it with my daughter.
How was your Christmas celebration folks? Thanks for dropping by!


  1. ang daming talent ni rylie hehehe

  2. wow...super ganda naman....very creative talaga ni rye...great job rye! can Akesha play with you? :)

    daan lang me dito sis...musta ang pasko nyo?

    kadadating lang namin from our xmas party...sakit ng lubot ko...ehhehe...lau kasi yung byahe namin....:)

    sige bukas na ako blog hop...:)

    yung tambag pala sa tagalog "payo"...ehhehe!

  3. Hello there Rose. These are lovely dough. just dropping by to greet you and your family "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

    Take care

  4. hahaha napaka seryoso ang mukha ni Rye hahaha...ako din Rose, type kung mag laro ng clay lalo na pag iba-iba ang kulay hhaha..masaya..ang ganda ng gawa ni Rye...di sumali si EJ?

    anyway, nabasa ko yong tanong mo don kay kim sa comment nyo kay Dhemz..hahaha

    "tambag" means "payo"...hehehe

    Happy new Year in Advance..Muahh!

  5. that's so nice!

    belated merry christmas to u and your family, sis!

  6. Very artistic talaga si Rylie. Kanino ba sya nagmana?

  7. Uy naging bata na naman si Rose just for the moment while playing with your darling daughter, lol. Quality bonding time talaga. Sino ba ang hindi maiinganyong maglaro din niyan eh ang gaganda at iba ibang shapes ang magagawa nyo, lol. Nai stimulate nga ang creativity ni Rylie dyan. Bakit hindi yata kasali si EJ? Sinusumpong na naman ba? lol. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

  8. maganda na talented pa... mana sa mommy no? hehe

    Happy Holidays!

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  9. Buti naman hindi nakisali si EJ sa clay and eat it hehehe. Very creative talaga ni Rye, she is definitely ready for school soon.

  10. wow galing ni rye! ako wala akong talent na ganyan sana magmana si andrea kay rye... wa sana sa

  11. I am 2 days late, but still . . . Merry Christmas!

  12. Nung bata ako mahilig din ako maglaro ng clay. I'm planning to make yung clay na niluluto for kids using flour.

  13. hi mommy, thanks for the visit advance happy new year

  14. hehehe seryoso yata ni Rylie ah...
    dropping by to say hello lang rose hope you got a lovely holidays...

    hug...s Khim

  15. Ganda ng mga nagawa ni Rylie..very artistic talaga nya..and it's good to develop while bata pa sila. hugs!

  16. i love play dough, and am planning to buy one for my daughter as well. maybe a new years gift! BTW, where in bicol were you staying before? your folks there still? hopefully not too close from mayon.

    didn't know this isnt linked, only your, am now linking and even posted your button ;) can you link me back here as well?

    life round me N you
    earthy me

  17. wow, talented talaga ang mga bata, my son is enjoying the same, playing with his clay dough. Iba ang sa kanya kasi lalaki...
    Blessings to you sis! a blessed New Year!

  18. I love her art works--very artistic ang dating!MAg kakasundo sila ni Wakaba who loves on doing arts!^_^

  19. Cute ng art work ni Rylie, mag kaka sundo sila ng mga kids ko hilig din nila ang art..
    Happy new year mommy Rose, God bless :D

  20. excellent form and color! plus, bilib na bilib ako dahil clean and tidy ang work area. atta girl, rylie! anong next step. mommy rose? pottery?


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