Friday, December 25, 2009

Watching my Diet

I am not a beauty-conscious but I am healthy-conscious. I am four years away from starting my life (Life starts at 40 lol) so I am watching my diet like a hawk. When you reach that big number, the metabolism of your body changes so if you gain weight, it would be very hard to lose it. This is me now at 36, got some wrinkles but what the heck as long as you are happy, who cares right hehehe.

But as many people that can afford it say that there are always alternative to those problem such as tummy tuck, liposuction or such. So which one would you choose, just keep your body fit or just shrug it off. Whatever you decide, its your decision not mine. Oh my, am I making any sense hahaha. I am so tired now that I am ready to collapse. We did a little shopping a while ago so I wasn't able to peek at my blog. Here are I am at 12:44 still typing but my eyes are ready to fall. Good night everyone, I better go to bed!


  1. I need to watch my diet too! LOL! And I'm not even your age yet. You look great for your age. Am following from Entrecard. Just joined your Google Friends. Visit me if you get a chance.

  2. A beauty at 36 at still maintained your body figure!!How envious!!\(^0^)/

    Hello there,Ate Rose!!Bakasyon na kasi ng mga bata,palagi kaming wala sa bahay--buti na lang medyo nasilip kong site ko ngayon.Wala kasing chance sa araw.I'll try to visit again tomorrow.May pasok ang asawa ko bukas!Hugs to the kids!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!!^_^

  3. Hi sis. thanks sa visit ngayon lang ako nakareply. Mabuti ka pa nga 4 years pa hintayin mo before ka mag-40 eh ako next year na. And I think you were right na kapag malapit ka ng mag 40 mahirap na maglose weight. ganyan ang problem ko ngayon. anyway bisi-bisihan ako ngayon until tomorrow sayang ang opps.

    Merry Christmas sa buong family mo, kay John at sa mga cutipie mo. Hoy ha madalas na smile ni Ej sa pictures. he's really gwapo.

  4. Rose: We love hearing from WV. Hope you all are keeping warm! Your blog takes a long time to load but Worth it!!!!!
    Did you build a snowman with the little ones!


  5. Madami talagang mga alternatives pero mas maganda pa din daw yung natural but it's so hard to stay fit especially with the holiday much delicious food around :(. You're doing a great job staying fit and healthy Mare.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Kahit 36 ka na e beautiful ka pa rin! Greet na kita in advance at magiging super busy na me sa mga susunod na araw. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  7. don't look 36 at look 10 years younger....ehehhehe! bilis ng panahon sis 36 you have accomplished a lot...saludo ako sau...ehhehe!

    sexy na sexy parin....parang wala atang lang parati...ehehhe!

    daan me muna dito sis...dami ko na absent sa blog land....:) have a good one!

  8. You look fit Rose. Enjoy yourself these days and forget about diet!!

  9. hehhe..still simply pretty dear! keep it up! watch more specially its christmas daming pakals!!! hheeh..happy holiday!

  10. You're wise to watch your diet and choose a healthy lifestyle. I remember when I was your age. You're right. The older you get the harder it is to keep from gaining weight, and those wrinkles - they just keep appearing. Have a Merry Christmas.

  11. wow 36 looks younger than that!
    sexy pa rin...or siksikan na? hehehe! joke lang rose ha...and sweet nang smile mo oj parang pang model man ilang shot ba yan...?

    Happy holiday Rose!

  12. Now, you remind me of my diet which had been forgotten since last weekend lolz.. and there are still lots of foods and parties this Christmas..

    You look so sexy and younger than your age. I can't even believe you are 36 Rose..lolz. na maintain mo talaga ang beauty mo Rose.

  13. hahaha wrinkles?? asan hehehe...yong boss ko Rose nag pa tummy tuck, yacks talaga kasi andon ako..kamuntik akong himatayin..kakadiri kasi parang nilaplap ang taba ng baboy ahek taba ng tao nyay..ka diri talaga...tapos ang tahi, ang haba na korteng alanganing "U"..from hip to hip talaga...

    di bale na lang, kahit pa siguro marami akong pera, i-around the world ko na lang kesa magpa laplap etc...wala akong babaguhin sa looks ko...ito ang bigay sa kin ni lord, maliit ang harapan hahaha, at hindi super ganda, hahaah pero masaya ako bilang kuntento ako hahaha

  14. healthy diet is always the best... wrinkles?who cares?i agree lol! wishing you a healthy and joyful christmas.

  15. You are right Rose. As long as you are happy and fulfilled in your life, it does not matter that one grows old. One can grow old in grace and virtues and make her life fulfilling by filling her time with deeds that glorify the Lord. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

  16. Still a beauty and sexy bading. Merry Christmas to you and the whole Cottrills family.

  17. Young, beautiful and happy! I can foresee, you'll be that way forever
    ..dahil wala kang problema!

    Merry Christmas to you, John, Rylie and EJ! I hope to see a snow man in your photos.


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