Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun inside the Box

When we were packing out our household goods in Korea, our burritos are getting bored and they found this box with Styrofoam on it. They played with it for a while and then when EJ got tired, he went inside it hehehe.

Transferring from one place to another is very hard especially when you have little kids. It is so stressful but I also see it as an opportunity of exploring other place that we've never been. Depending on whatever job my husband gets after retirement, we will probably get another abode for us. He was planning on looking at the house plans that would suit our budget. If our budget will permit, I would love to have a bigger house away from the city. My husband and I like to have house with a bigger backyard, wide space porch and stuff. Ahhh it is so nice to make dreams isn't it. Sometimes I don't want to wake up anymore lol.


  1. cute ni Ej playing with the box Mare. and there's nothing wrong with dreaming big kaysa walang dream diba. hehehe I wish all your dreams with your family will come true.

    God Bless you and your family! hugs!

  2. cute naman ni EJ tingnan....:) bat kaya mahilig ang mga bata sa box....kahit si Akesha...mas interested pa sya mag play sa box k sa sa laman ng!

    a quick dalaw here on my break.....nag snack kasi

    balik ako mamaya...mwah!

  3. kids love big boxes... siguro big box nalang ang gift ko kay andrea this christmas! lol

    dream ko rin magkaroon ng medyo malaking bahay para may mapaglagyan ng mga kalat ni Andrea lol

  4. Yes, EJ found a perfect hiding place, lol. Kids will always find uses for all things even a discarded cardboard box. Their active imagination can think of all sorts of adventures inside it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Ohh look at that cutie burito in the box hehe, ang bata talaga ano, box lng katapat enjoy na. lol

    Balik ako later bakla pag may mga updates na, .

  6. dropping by today... tingnan ko muna si ej kung di pa ba nasira ang box lol

  7. akala ko babalutin mo EJ mommy Rose tapos ibibigay as gift..hehehe

  8. haha! ang cute naman ng iyong kiddo! hihihi..

  9. that pix reminds me of our moves before; jake played with boxes, too :-)!

    rose, thanks nga pala for the visit, ec and comments; you are right, maybe i am being too hard on him...hayaan mo i will let him be.

    musta nga pala moved nyo back here sa U.S?

    di ko nga pala na received yung email mo...pls...penge naman ng address mo oh...salamat *wink*

    hugs to ry and ej...

  10. Naku!!Pasasaan bat makukuha mo rin ang gusto mo,Ate Rose!!Ikaw pa?

    hoiisst!!kahol ka pala ng kahol dyan?Umiinom ka ba ng gamot?Masyadong malamig ba dyan kesa sa Korea?Ingat palagi!!Pahinga kung kinakailangan dear!!

    Have a great weekend!!^_^

  11. lol masarap nga mangarap pero im sure makakamit nyo rin yung dream house nyo. I love EJ's pic. Naaliw ako.

  12. My children and grandchildren loooooved to play in boxes. Your Children are delightful :O)


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