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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I want a baby sister

My kids are having fun with Jen's baby. EJ told me that he wants another baby sister wahhhhh. Here is the baby doll of our family, Gracie. She is a very good baby, she seldom cry and love playing potty cake.
Everyone wants to hold Gracie when she visits here hehe. If only I could afford to have one more lol but life is getting harder, so two is enough for us.


  1. What a sweetie.
    The Korea photos are interesting.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Tuwang tuwa si EJ kay Baby Gracie, lol. Napakatabang baby naman ni Gracie, lol. Sa tingin ko, huwag muna kayong magdecide na dalawa lang ang maging anak ninyo. Kung medyo lumuwag ang buhay ninyo ay pwede pa kayong magdagdag nang another baby by the grace of God. God provides for His faithful children and offsprings are considered as God's special blessings. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

  3. waa....I want she is so cute..nakakagigil...sarap kurutin yung pisngi...ehehhehe!

  4. hahhaha... yah you are anyway already so blessed sis that you have a boy and girl already..hehe sorry EJ..weee! hiram nalng will be fine,heh! cute baby!

    More blessings!

  5. Cute baby sis. Your kids are really enjoying with her. Merry Christmas and a fruitful new year to you sis and your family. Take care!!

  6. waaa ang taba ng baby, ang cute...hahaha..

    hala ka Rose, nanghihingi ng kapatid si EJ..hahaha

  7. taba ng baby... naku ako rin I can't afford another baby... mahal na kasi ng diaper lol

  8. pa hug and kiss nga... so cuteeeeeeee...... rosy cheeks and oh so cuteeeee..

  9. You say two is enough but you know seeing her sweet face and how much everyone loves her - you'll break down and do it again! :-)

    It's great seeing such happy baby faces!

  10. Awww what a cuddly cute fat baby hehehe. Hala bading give EJ a little bro or sissy.

  11. ahaha lagot! gusto na masundan cute2x ng baby. hehe


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