Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jolly & Melancholy

I took this picture of our treasures last Sunday on our way to church. My son wasn't feeling very good due to the fever he's got for a couple of days. Rylie on the other hand, as usual she's always ready to jam in front of the camera.
Rylie went with me at work after church and as soon as we arrived there, she told me that she wanted to go home already, wahhhhhhhhhhh! Good thing, my work is just a walking distance from our home lol.. Since I only walk going to and from work, I tried running on a tread mill even for 10 minutes right before I go home, that way I am warm. It is too cold in here already, well at least from my own opinion. Other foreigner said that it's just okay. For me it is too cold. Brrrrrrr!


  1. Thanks Rose. for rminding me. Take ko ang oppurtunity at submitted successfully kaya lang baka ma reject kasi walang picture ng layout ng paying post hindi ko makita kung saan ko kunin

    Alam mo ba?


  2. Rose approved na pala kahit walang picture. Thanks again.

  3. Just save the picture i have posted here ate, then upload mo sa post mo, pwede rin yun..

  4. nice pics, Rose.

    to us it is cold because we are not used to it, they are!

    they should undesratnd that, my hubby still tease me when i said it is cold, and i just give him a tiger look hehehe.

  5. Hahaha tiger look pala hahaha... oo nga, sabi ni hubby lagi daw ako linalamig, eh talaga namang kakong malamig eh hehehe.. Thanks for the comments ate cecille!

  6. Love the coat and hat your daughter has you I don't get out and walk to much..I really would love to have a treadmill..I so need to exercise more... :)


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