Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giant Spider

My daughter and husband have a phobia on spiders. Well, yesterday as I was busy with my daily routine, she showed me this picture of art that she drew. At first glanced, I thought it was an ant but she told me that the reason why she cried the other night because this giant spider is trying to get her. So basically she had a bad dream about it hehehe.I admire my daughter's interest with arts because I don't have it. I suck in drawing stuff hahaha. My husband however is very good, I think most of his family members knows how to draw pretty well. That makes me happy because my weakness is their strength hehehe. Balanced right?


  1. wow! good job Rye...keep it up! her early age marunong na sya mag draw...that is impressive!

  2. Salamat dhemz, hopefully she will keep her interest to arts, ala ako nyan eh hehehe..

  3. Hi Chubskulit

    WOw hes doing good. Anyway, i follow u too. Thank you

  4. you are like me, when i was in grade school, i loved to draw and was good at it; but now, i can not even draw nice; hubby on the other hand is very good. and jacob got it.

    Good Job Rylei !

  5. Hi Weng, hope you will hehehe di ko pa kasi nakita hehehe..

  6. HI tcecille, Im worse than that ate cecille, di talaga ako artist hahaha...


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