Friday, December 12, 2008

J. Rylie, the future Chef

These pictures were taken the other day when my daughter Rylie was craving for something sweet. She really love sweet rice and she wants to help me all the time when I cook. I can't cook anything without my future chef's presence. She would give me hard time if i cook without here hehehe. I just don't like her being around when I am frying something because I'm scared that the hot oil will splatter on to her face or skin.

Acting silly while cooking.

She's very happy that I let her help and she was proud too!

She's actually demonstrating what we have to do hehehe... I love you Anak, may you stay loving and sweet! I am so thankful that God gave me two precious angels that lifts our spirits every single minute of our life. They're the reason of our smile and the source of our strength in order to keep going everyday.


  1. Won't be long for you to sit back and have dinner served - did she do the washing up?

    nb Take all the text you need out of the award Rose, no copyright problems there - I won't charge royalties! lol

  2. hehehe
    kaulok man ang future chef dakula pa ang kagamitan kesa saiya!!
    good job-..rye

  3. Hi Rose! May future chef ka na pala. Like what Martin said, nagligpit at naghugas ng dishes din ba? Lol!

  4. She's so cute! She looks like an expert like her mom! :)...

    Sis have added this in my 3 blogs pla.. check out your links here:

  5. What a cutie!!
    At this age, they are our little helpers.
    Well, good luck sa future chef mo ;)

  6. Nope, I don't let her do that Martin, although she wanted too hehehe... A bit risky hehehe..

    Thanks for the award once again..

  7. di pa pwede maghugas Les, sobrang mataas ang sink and she's so lil' hehehe

  8. Thanks for the add and compliment madz!

  9. Yup, that's right cookie, i hope that when they grow they still want to help hehehe..

  10. Ohhh, she's so cute te Rose.

  11. Hi, Rose

    I will let you know that the love contest moved to december 24,2008 okies ...and i have my new URL too.

    Yan na ang pinay love stories dot com before.

  12. rylie is being silly hehehe!

    jacob's likes watching me cook, too and every once in a while i let him do some mixing and stirring a little bit.


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