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Thursday, October 16, 2008

FOTO Fanatic

Call me photo addict but me and John love capturing our kids every little moments. This will be our greatest treasures when they're grown up and have their own lives. You know, they can't be kids forever and we have to accept the fact that sooner we will go back to being just us. Kinda sad to think about it but I am preparing myself to it. Time flies so fast and so is the children's growth.
Here's a snapshop of my daughter at the veranda of the cable car station at Mt. Seorak.

Here's Rylie and EJ at the hotel lobby..

Here's us with some Korean hikers!

Here's our family Pic at Seorak Mountain

Enjoy, your thoughts and opinions will be appreciated! Thank you...


  1. keep on clicking the cam...keep on collecting memries!!!

    youre right about it!

  2. it tooks for long mads before ej and rye left ur house hehe.. maging lola na kita soon hehehehehehehhhe

  3. say cheese...nice to see a family so happy :-)

  4. More pics! Really nice. Thanks for sharing.

    Don't think a lot about the time when kids get out to enjoy their independence. They grow up fast (just like mine). Enjoy them while they are still very young and too dependent on you.

  5. ang cute nila.
    keep on collecting and saving memories from them, and let them see when they grown up.
    I saved even my first son's footprint the day after he was born, pati yong mga records ng timbang niya. Even his first drawing and painting. we saved almost everything.
    so that he can imagine how he was when he was a kid.

    keep up the good work mom rose!

  6. camera is very wonder it's easy to take photos..I am too! wherever we here and everywhere..heheh..lovely family

  7. just dropping by to say "hi" to one happy family :-) i'll see you around! ingat na those pictures

  8. Yes Sunny, in fact I have lots and lots of foto albums here full of pics hehehe.. Magastos nga lang but its worth money spent

  9. Yeah Mads fe but remember that amaerican kids are independent when they turn 18, i would like them to stay with us though hehehe

  10. thanks Malou, actually in here they say "Kimchi"

  11. Yeah my husband always tells me that I should be always thankful when they want me all the time because when they grow up, they might not want to do everything by themselves... Cranky lang ako sometimes..

  12. I'm like that too Ate Weng, eery little thing that has memory, i save them.. even the rock and leaves that they picked hehehe..

  13. Hi dems, ganyan talaga siguro ang mga mommy hehehe, they don't wanna miss a thing about their kids..

  14. hi Rose, how are you? problema ako palagi sa EC ko, meron na naman ngayon ewan ba! always take good care of your treasures, God bless.


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