Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well Celebrated Anniversary

I can say that our 5th wedding Anniversary was very memorable because it was celebrated in the Mountain with our kids. We left Chinhae on October 11 at 8 am and it was a dreadful 7 hours long drive... Here are some photos taken in the bus (am not in the pic, photographer ang role ko lol)..
Photos at rest stops....
Then we stopped at Sokcho Fish market where we devoured on some tempura shrimp and sushi.. Here are some snapshots: We arrived at the hotel around 5 pm, we slept early after taking shower and dinner.. Man that hotel was so hot, there's no ceiling fan or lampshades, weird huh.. the heating and colling runs on the floor.
The view on the hotel's veranda:
We head out to Mt. Seorak at 10 am and came back at around 6 pm, we ended the celebration with a dinner at the four season restaurant at the hotel with a filipina friend... picture taking while waiting for the food, we ordered bibimbap-it was good:
here's my daughter enjoying her pork steak - korean style
Oh we had a funny experience dining out because our original plan was to go out and eat at a Korean Resto so we asked the hotel desk clerk to help us find one, so he made some phone calls and finally he wrote something on a paper and told us to just handed it to the taxi driver. When we arrived there, no one understand what we are talking about and we can't understand what they are trying to tell us either, so we just left... lesson learned, never go out without an interpreter hahaha.... But of course to make it memorable, i have to take a pic lol..
For the breath taking scenery of our hike, just click on this link... Alrighty guys, thanks for reading!


  1. i am glad you guys celebrated your anniversary well and have had fun. the views are breathtaking! finally see you guys in the picture together with out the kids :-) yeheyyy

  2. You must be proud with your family, Rose.
    By the way, why I can't see my comment on your other blog (at Bravejournal). I have submitted there.

  3. the street food looks good :D the tempura are humongous! :D

  4. Hahaha, yeah we managed to invite a friend to go dined with us that's why we had a pic of just the two of us.. Thanks Ate Cecille!

  5. Hello love ely, don't worry about your comment on bravejournal.. its there - got it... it needs to be moderated so you wont see it right away.. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hello Kwagoo, yeah the tempura tasted good but im not so fond of it because its too greasy hehehe..

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  8. btw, these pictures are so happy that you are having a good time...happy anniversary !

  9. Hi amy, thanks for visiting back.. just post personal posts in between those sponsored ones and you'll be ok..

  10. wow naman! what a success! plus you two post different set of photos.. it is even more exciting!

  11. congratulations Rosie n Joops! Well, now i know that it is Rosie n John for i have read that love story episodes! ^^ Indeed it was vry well celebrated. I am so happy for both of you, you deserve these all...

  12. Ang saya naman ng buhay ano! You are a very healthy family, always go in places where the nature is so at their best..of course observation ko yan, di counted ang restaurant jam..heheh

    Ano yan sa boat? Turkeys? Hmmm.. makes me wander...

  13. This is the first time I saw Pork Steak, Korean style. Look really nice

  14. sista ...

    what a happy family ..
    i hope one day i can have it too hohoho .... :) :)

    GBy and fam ..
    will you pls add my ym,pls so we can chat?
    (would you please delete my id from your comment, i just want to give it to you :)thank you so much sista... hug!!)

  15. Wow! Well-celebrated indeed. I'm green with envy. You really went out your way to enjoy!

    I'll take note about hiring an interpreter when I land on a place where no one understands English or Tagalog.

  16. awesome view! sarap dyan kabayan!!! pero mas maysa tignan family mo! youre blessed!!!
    thanks for all!!!
    may you always be blessed and continue being a blessing to everyone!

  17. You both looks happy.
    Happy anniversary to both of you.
    The pictures you shared telling us that you are happy family.
    Ganda naman ng view, I like to see the places.
    sarap din naman ng pagkain hehe.
    visit ko ulit mamaya, have to run for work muna.
    I will visit joops blog, later.I visited your bravejournal once, and left a comment hope nakita mo. di pa ako nakabalik.will do it tonight.

  18. so, here's the other part of Joops the pics! Wish we could go to Korea someday!

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