Friday, October 17, 2008

Benefits of Walking

I burnt 111 calories by walking for 30 minutes on a tread mill after my work last night. I inclined it to 3.0% and my average speed was 2.94, I walked about 1.6 miles or 237 feet on a mountain climb. Not bad right? I wanna grow old healthy so I can still see my kids have their own families and enjoy life with my loving husband. Isn't it nice if we have a bodilicious like this? Well, we sure can have one like that if we do exercise even once a week... Walking is an activity we do everyday everywhere. There's no great trick to walking.. It doesn't require any special skills or advanced conditioning. Some health benefits of walking include:
  • burns almost as many calories as jogging
  • eases back pains
  • slims your waist
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduces levels of bad cholesterol
  • reduces heart attack risks
  • enhances stamina and energy
  • lessens anxiety and tension
  • improves muscle tone
  • easy on your joints
  • reduces appetite
  • increases aerobic capacity
  • can be done in short bouts
  • slows down osteoporosis bone loss
  • and can be done when you're travelling


  1. Visiting you tonight dearest..

    Good for you bru I'm trying to lose my "bilbil" do you have any idea to share on how to? hehe

  2. whoah!

    COOL! walking does that? no kid!! I didn't know it could slow down osteoporosis...

  3. i am trying to lose weight rose, thanks for reminding me to walk again :-) been very lazy lately :-)

  4. hi rose, kumusta? sory ngayon lang nakadalaw. ingat

  5. First and foremost is self discipline Lou, watch out for your calorie intake, go for a walk even just around the house or in the back yard if you don't have equipments and stay away from sodas and sweets..

  6. Yeah it does kwagoo because when you walk, it makes our backbones stronger.. at least from what i remember on the article that i read.

  7. Hello Ate Cecille, I guess too much sitting in front of the computer is a culprit too in adding some pounds in us.. So, we should make sure to balance the sitting and the walking.

  8. We're all doing great Julz, thank you! Its ok, I know that you have a handful with your kids hehehe..

  9. true my son and i walk to the amrket and to the public playground much fun sight seeing and good for the body too c:

    we often do that me n my hubby that is why we want our son to enjoy it too c: also good for talks and bonding time for kids c:

  10. hi there!

    got here from umma. you have a beautiful family! care to xlinks??

    anyways i have a tag for u, if ur not busy please visit this link, thank you dear!

    take care!

  11. Korek ka dyan Iceah, we always go for a walk too as a family or pag nasa work si hubby, i always take the kids somewhere, good exercise for me too..

  12. Okidoc Niko, will be there and thank you for dropping by..

  13. i am always on foot coz i have no dimes to get a cab! lol

    aGree....i always walk, esp during emo moments..waheheheh! it does help me physically, emotionally as well...

    wow tlgang diet na usapan dito! wahehehehe

  14. hello sistah...regarding on the domain thing..I thought about that kaso if I get one...I have to start from scratch do I? My PR will be affected right? I mean I don't know if I get my own much is it?
    Also, on my layout...hahha..madilim ba? I thought ok sya sa laptop ko..I checked our old PC..and I found out madilim nga..ahhah..thnaks for the buzz..I will change it or do something about it..thanks for letting me know.
    I noticed that too na most opp excluded ang least once a day naka 3 post ako from PPP since I got PR2...buti nalang..hehhe...I would consider getting my own domain kaso lang baka d nako PR2....what do you think?

  15. Hahaha you need a real walk mads faye! Thanks for walking by anyway...

  16. Hello Sun, kaso ayoko nagwowalk pag nasa emo mood ako kasi di ako maganda hahahah!

  17. Actually sis, kahit naman ala ka PR if own mo domain madami pa din opps but syempre you have a point too of losing your PR... Well its your call sistah!


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