Thursday, October 16, 2008

My precious blessings

Isn't it weird how our kids are very different with each other? These are my kids differences and some things in common:
  • My daughter Rylie drank formula for 4 months but my son EJ didn't like it, he just want mom's b-milk;
  • She love baby food - and still love it until now, my son however don't
  • She started potty training before she turned one, now she's completely potty trained (got done using training pants when she was 2 1/2 years old). My son would cry everytime I try to put him in his potty. I think boys are harder to train compared to girls, do you agree?
  • EJ is allergy to peanut and Rylie is to soy milk
  • Rylie love dancing and EJ wants to sing a lot
  • EJ never cry whenever I am giving him a bath but Rylie always does (which frustrates me)
  • Rylie like butter, EJ don't
  • EJ used his baby crib, Rylie did not (its my fault I think lol)
  • EJ always wants me, Rylie wants Daddy
  • Rylie love fruits and veggies, not really for EJ
  • Rylie is not very fond of cake but EJ does
  • Rylie love just any kind of juice but EJ doesn't (would make faces when I try giving him some)

These are some things that they're in common with:
  • They're both loving
  • both passionate about nursing. Rylie nursed with me for 18 months until EJ was born so I have to wean her which she refused so much. EJ is 17 months old now and still nursing. Other people often asked, how can you let them.. I just tell them that I enjoy it too!
  • They both love outside
  • they both love filipino foods esp. rice
  • they always want Mommy when they get hurt or need something
  • and most especially they're both always malambing (sweet)


  1. Thanks for the visit and the comment

  2. cute kiddoes....i dont agre with ya rose, ako inde n ng potty train,lol...madali ako itrain,lolz

    uniqueness and individuality!!!Everyone has its own color in this world....

  3. you're welcome BF, and thanks for visiting too..

  4. Hahaha defensive na maray wahahaha.. opinion ko lang po yan and bASED from other moms who have boys lol..

  5. OK, added your link in my blog list.

  6. They are lovely . I like them. I wish their good health and happiness

  7. Thanks BF...

    ^_^Hi Amy thank you so much. I'm glad that you like my kids even if they always interrupts our class lessons hahaha..

  8. Kids are kids totally unpredictable and individual, as you now well know.

    You must be a pround parent Rose, lovely picture.

  9. Thanks Martin, yeah I am truly a proud parent for them!

  10. loves this post... i agree with you, boys are harder to potty train than girls, but once they are ready, you will be surprsed. my son one day just told me he doesn't want diaper anymore....from then on diaper is gone and there were only very few accident when he tried holding his pee because he doesn't not want to stop playing :-)

  11. dropped ec here and read more posts of yours, ingat! regards to joops and the kids :-)

  12. i guess boys are different from girls that's one and we all have something unique in us that's how God made us c: Wonderfully made c:

    Thank You Lord for these precious blessings c:

  13. Yeah Ate Cecille, that's what my John told me. He said that when he's ready, he will do it in a click..

    Thanks for the EC.

  14. Hello Iceah, yeah we're all different in unique ways.

    Thanks for sharing your prayer!

  15. Ate you have been linked po on my blogroll as CHUBS KULIT as requested, please link me back salamat!

  16. No two things are alike, not even identical twins..even if your kids have the same parents,they can be different in a lot of ways and that's the nature of all the creatures.
    Your kids are both adorable..One more thing, boys always go to mommy, girls always to daddy..
    Daddy's girl
    Mama's what we always hear...
    Have a great week..Which part of South Korea are you in?

  17. Thanks Kumagcow, linked u up too!

  18. Hello Mom of four, thank you for sharing your opinions.. Yeah I gues boys always goes to Moms and girls to Dads, its true with my kids..

    We are in Chinhae..


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