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Friday, July 8, 2011

Childhood Trail

My husband wanted to take us to the woods where he used to explore when he was growing up in Marland Heights. Unfortunately, there is a thick grass and trees growing there already that we couldn't pass. Hubby realized one thing, kids these days are not as active as them when it comes to nature trekking.
We ended up going to the park instead and let the kids  play.
We found these stuff in the ground.
 I love watching my husband and kids chase and play  with each other.
This bottle is perfect for Mellow Yellow hehehe.
I feel bad for this beautiful critter.
St. Joseph the Worker Church.
We did not able to explore the childhood trail that hubby wanted to show us but we still had a great time. Please join us with Color Connection over at Ms. Burrito's blog. It's a weekend meme hosted by the lovely young blogger.


  1. very nice family bonding moment! visiting from PF, mine is HERE have a great weekend! :)

  2. ang saya nyong tingnana Rose...btw...type ko yong dress mo hehehe

  3. Moments like these are cherish keepsake. Glad you all had a great family get together.

    In my younger days I wasn't afraid to go out and explore through tall grasses, it was always exciting to find something hiding under a rock or clinging to a tree branch.

    Now that I am older I would need a sickle to cut my way through any tall grass and weeds with much caution.

  4. Tama si Mister. Kids nowadays are into video games, the internet, and TV. Unlike your hubby who trekked when he was young. Or us, who played with our friends on the streets. Remember the games we all used to play here in the Philippines? Tumbang Preso, Paintero, Taguan, Agawan Base, Chinese Garter, Piko, etc.

    Oh well!

  5. That looked like a great family day. It is always nice to get out to the Park, so the little ones can run. The big ones sometimes too.LOL

  6. HAPPY PINK FRIDAY CHUBS! love the pink top and cute headband, simple pero rock they say!

    mine is up!

    Pink Crape Myrtle

  7. Ang super slim and sexy mo sa photo Rose. Poster perfect ang dating mo na parang si Angelina Jolie, hehehe. At si John naman si Brad Pitt, hehehe. At si Rylie naman si Selena Gomez. Si EJ naman si Justine Beiber, hehehe. Ayan, pamilya na kayo nang artista, pa authograph naman, hehehe. Nageenjoy kayong lahat kapag nagba bonding kayo sa park. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. You surely had fun! It's so obvious... family time together as always.. Lucky family and very lucky kids!

  9. nice bonding moment .. sexy ni mommy ah :)

  10. what a fun family get ur dress din mommyRose

  11. What a good time you got in your family. :) Ako rin, gusto ko nang lumabas, 3 weeks na baby ko so ok na lumabas. Ang church nyo parang St. Jo's church din dito sa amin.

  12. Very nice family moments!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics;o)

    Hope you are having a nice and happy weekend****

  13. I like outdoors too. HERE is my PF entry. Hope you can also join us at Messy Go Round meme. Thank you and see you po!

  14. looks like everyone had fun, i'm happy to see both cuties are having fun! have a great Sunday! :)

  15. hello mommy rose!!!

    just want to congratulates you po for being one of my top commenters po in my blogs!

    and at

    thanks po!

  16. family bonding is really great! we just had a clan reunion this weekend!

    PF77 #11
    C5@ Colors & Styles

  17. Thats a nice family bonding... :)

    Thanks for sharing.... :)

    Please visit my blogs:

    My Life's Adventure's

    Me,My Baby and My Family

    Food Trip Tayo Thanks and have a good day!

  18. nakikiraan lang po...OT muna ako...mwahness!

  19. when I was a kid, para akong lalaki. i climb trees, chase animals and dance in the rain, pero that was in the province naman. my kids only gets to do stuff sa park so we always go there as much as we can. family bonding talaga ;-) love your dress btw!


  20. this place reminds me of Camp John Hay :) Nice pics :)

  21. That's a really lovely park, great for family bonding moments! Here's my MM entry:

  22. Great photos as always,Rose. Happy family bonding! Happy MM!

  23. Nice park!!!here's my entry:

  24. What are those that you found on the ground ba sis? Those red stuff? Ang cute kasi! And it's true, kids these days dwell on the entertainment that home offers like pc games. As for us, we try to explore the outdoor, especially when it's warm. Iba talaga pag you can take the trails, sarap ng feeling physically and it is a great bonding moment, too. :)

    Sorry I'm late for my MM visit! But it will never be late to check out mine: Us @ the KASH Playground! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

  25. family time in the park is really fun! :D


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