Friday, July 8, 2011

Clear Shot

I finally got to use my  new DSLR camera.  I  am still learning   some of it's feature and with the busy schedule that  I have, I can't really sit  and read the manual lol.  Anyhow, before my husband  decided to get the  one in the photo, he browsed so many slr cameras online first to see which store gives us the best deal for it.  We actually save a big amount in buying it online because we found a  promo code for it.
Below is one of the  first few pictures that I took.  I can take  pictures closely now without worrying about being blurry when you zoom in.  Here's a clear shot of the  wild flower that I saw at Tomlinson Run a couple of days ago.  I zoomed it in to the max and still produces a clear shot.  Love it!


  1. wow! wow! wow! congrats with that DSLR cam mommy in!..
    ganda no? How I wish I had that also..

  2. ganda nang kuha sis ano?! kaso mabigat lang!

    musta pala ang party ni sure it was fun!


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