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Monday, January 31, 2011

Musical Snow Globes

My FIL gave this snow globe to Ms. Burrito yesterday. She's so happy because both of them love Mickey Mouse show. 
This is from my FIL too, he gave this to my daughter when we were about to  transfer to our own home about 5 years ago.
So now  both  kids have snow globe at home from Pap.  Thanks Dad, you're the best!
This is my entry to Ms. Sally's Blue Monday. Thanks for  visiting and for leaving your thoughts  everyone.  Sorry, I wasn't able to visit today.  We had a company at home so I got busy.


  1. Hii....

    First to comment!!!

    It's always you comment in my blog first, this time i've taken the pride. Trust me this is one of the best MYM post of yours.

    All the snaps are wonderful, very gud clarity. Happy MYM


  2. Sweet.

    Enjoy your company. Visit me later.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose!

  3. Such beautiful snow globes! I like the Mickey one so much. I love Mickey, too.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. ..I love snow globe..ganda in fairness!

    heres my entry for MYM

    Happy MYM

  5. Wow, i love it i'm sure my little kyla would love it too :)

    My entry is here po sa other blog ko MY ENTRY

  6. Both are lovley snow globes. Happy Blue Monday!

  7. They are so cute....Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  8. been a busy weekend here, too, rose.
    i hope to end all my errands before the week's, i could have more time OL ^_^

    my little kid will surely love this post. she has one "plasticky" hello kitty snowglobe, lol

  9. I enjoyed your blog and the snow globes. They are very interesting. Enjoy your company as your blog friends are not going anywhere.

  10. beautiful snow globes. I just love them, I have a small collection sitting on my buffett.
    Thanks for coming by my blog.

  11. dito ako sis, haha.. di ko napansin me WV pala sa pinoy site i just changed the settings. hehehe. i hide the WV na. lol. kaya pala wala spammer haha. over secured pala sa WV.

  12. Happy Blue Monday! Your children's snow globes are so pretty! I'm sure they are extra special because the were gifts from their Pap!

  13. This is really beautiful! And it makes more special because it came from grandpa,^_^ Happy Monday!
    Blue Sky

  14. Very nice! I can see a start of snow globes collection for the kids. Did you know you cannot hand carry them in the plane?...Christine

  15. awwwwwwww...super bait naman ni FIL...those are gorgeous mukhang mamahalin...:) sensya at nahuli sa pila...busy kasi ang labandera...d pa nga kami nagsisimula sa aming tutorial...bagot na bagot natong isa dito...ehehehe!

  16. We are big disney fans and your castle globe is so pretty. Actually I always like snow globes! Linda

  17. Hey Sweetie,,,LOVE these,,especially the Disney one!!!! Woooohooooo JOY!!!

    Soooo am blessed by your notes Sis!!! Thanks Ooooodles
    And Oooooodles of Hugs too.
    Blessings and Love on you from our Precious LORD above~~~Dena

  18. wow, ganda naman nito sis...

  19. wonderful snow globes, i wish to have snow globes one day!
    thanks for droppping by at my blogs!

  20. How lovley ,thanyou for commenting on mine ,I have now ebcome your newest follower!

  21. So super bait talaga ng FIL mo hehehe. Thanks for the visit girl

  22. Love the snowglobes! I gave my grandchildren one last Christmas, but they insisted on carrying it around and it ended up in a million pieces on the floor. I'll try again in a couple of years!!!!

  23. ay ang ganda, type ko Rose..hehe

  24. Sounds like Pap is a great grandpa.

  25. Your FIL is so fond of musical snow globes. They are really fascinating and will please not only kids but adults as well. Great that both Rylie and EJ have one each now. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  26. Those are nice snow globe sis. :)

    Sensya na late na naman ako reply.

    Thank you pala sis dito. :)


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