Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!

Today  is Immaculate Conception  day the school holy  mass was held in the church.  Today is also the birthday of my dear brother Rick.  He and his wife and kid are now living  at our home with my mother.  I asked  him to stay there after my eldest brother passed away because  my mother  truly  felt the loss.  Happy birthday  Rick, may God bless you with good health and take  care of you all the time while you are on the road.  We miss you! myspace graphic comments
Goodnight everyone, thanks for dropping  by and for leaving your thoughts!


  1. aww...ang sweet mo kafatid! happy birthday sa bro mo sis...:)

    sensya na po at ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw...lam muna busy sa ranch....nyahhaha! hope all is well...magaling naba yung paso mo?

    glad to be here again hop muna ako..OT ako tonight...kasi busy na naman ulit bukas....:)

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother Ateh, madami din fiesta ngaun sa Pinas. Lol!

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  3. I hope your brother had a good Birthday. It is so nice to see you opened your home and heart to your family.

  4. happy birthday to your brother sis. :)

  5. I hope your brother Rick had a wonderful birthday and received lots of surprises. It is nice of you to take them into your home, a very nice thing to do, God bless you. Thank you for coming by and have a nice weekend.

  6. Happy Birthday to your brother Rick. May he have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  7. oi ka sweet sa sistaH!..Happy bday kay rick hhehe

    agi kay nag adgi pa ako hehe

  8. how sweet mo naman sis.. buti at me kasama si mama mo sa house niyo diba.. happy birthday to your bro!


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