Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Card is all I got..

I withdrew $700 yesterday, that was the last  amount of money from my paypal which I reserved to send to my family in the Philippines.  We will send it this weekend  so it will arrive there before Christmas.  I know that my siblings are expecting us  to send them  something.

 So now I am broke lol, but I have 2 Macy's gift cards ($150) that I redeemed from  reading emails at mypoints.com so I told my husband that he could use it to buy me a  wool coat hehehe.  Too bad the last two  gift cards that I redeemed  hasn't arrived yet.  I was hoping that it will arrive  this week so I could use it together with the other two, but luck is not on my side.

Anyhow,  I want a long coat because my coats are just waist long.  I have a long one but it's thin that I couldn't use it in picking  up our daughter in school.  It is getting so cold out there too.   I also plan to buy our daughter a new coat as her coat is getting small on her.

Hubby want   a long coat too but he said that he will just wait till next year as he is has several coats that he could use this year.  My kids wants some toys and we still have to purchase it.   We choose to buy  most of the stuff online because we can log in to our upromise account and we earned some percentage of the amount we shop for our kids  college fund.

How about you, what do you expect to get this year?


  1. not expecting a gift until the end of the year but i'll ask daddy G for his credit card when I do a shopping spree on January. LOL!

  2. Hehehe I will get nothing because I am saving for me and my kids getaway on new year

  3. Just long free time for myself to finish what I'm writing.. which I'm broke too I think I can't have it... haissst...anyway.. wow.. mucho dinero ka talaga Rose.. hehehe.. good luck..

  4. Daming moolah ng bading ah $70h0h and kita mo sa blogging wow, laki. ako hindi umabot yata hehehe.

    Tumigil ako sa mypoints bading, ibibigay ko sana points ko but then nagbago isip ko when they sent me a message na pwedi na daw ma redeem hehehe sorry bayot, nag change of mind ang bakla hehehehe

    laki na pala ang na redeem mo sa my points bading $150 grabe ang sipag

  5. It's that time of the year for wish list..Exciting isn't it?

  6. Wow laki ng datung mo Ateh for sure matutuwa family mo. :D I am not expecting anything baka maunsyami..hehehe

  7. your folks are so lucky to have you Rose. so generous to share your blessings :D galeng naman online lang galing lahat un. buy na ur long coat you deserve to be warm :D

    My CC this week
    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  8. $700 is huge. I never had that humongous amount in my entire blogging history, LOL! It's probably because I don't do blogging full-time and I hailed from the East.

    As for the thing I wanna have before the year ends, I want to own a new laptop soon. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one ;-)

    May you enjoy the rest of the week.

    All the Best,

  9. I dont save nothing to me, dearest
    but, 3 days ago, I was in Milan and spent a little more money than a could
    nice day,

  10. wow...I am with Lainy on this one..$700...wtg!! I bet your family will be very pleased and happy. What a wonderful thing to do!!

    We don't have much to spend and don't expect much this year.

    But we are excited that we are going down to the coast to spend the holidays with our daughter and son-in-law!!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  11. Wow, you were able to save $700 in your PayPal account and you will send them all to your relatives in the Philippines. You are so generous indeed. God bless you more for that. I love your family portrait in front of the Christmas tree. I hope that you can buy your wanted long coat and toys for your kids. I don't want anything for myself this Christmas, just a better health. I will just be giving money to my kids so that they can buy whatever they want. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. wow, di ko maabot ang income mo sa blogging Rose hehehe...ang bait na anak at may pamasko na si mama sa Bicol. hehehe..natutuwa ako sa inyon dalwa ni John Rose, marunong kayong mag share sa blessings nyo...

  13. Whoa!Ang dami mong nai-save na blogging money,Ate Rose!^_^

  14. ayay! huli na sa pila...am digging your posts badingding....:) ayay! super yaman mo talaga sis...ang bait mo talaga...kasi you always send money to your family.

    ako din gusto ko din nang coat....yung momorahin lang...nyahahaha! gusto ko ipad...naloloka na kasi laptop ko...right now, I am using Akeshas laptop...weee..d pa kasi magaling lappy ko..

  15. wow impressive amount! anyways, CARD is not that bad.. me, i don't expect anything except the one i'll get from out kris kringle, lol!(how do i earn that much in blogging??)

  16. wow!! laki naman yan.. hope your family will have a merry merry christmas!!

  17. di bale tokaya, ikaw nga nila e it's better to give than to receive. ako e more or less nahuhulaan ko na kung ano mga matatanggap ko kase every year yata e ganoon ibinibigay nila sa akin...ehehe.

    sigurado tokaya marami kang matatanggap na gifts galing sa different countries. late na itong post ko sa cc at late din me sa nostalgia.


  18. its a lot of money i'm sure your family here will have abundance christmas =)

    This christmas i want to pamper myself like massage, facial treatment, hair treatment hehe ..

  19. Ay ako rin gusto ko ng long coat, yung dressy looking, kasi most of my jackets eh yung bubble, syadong informal. $700 wow naman, nakaipon ka ng ganyan kalaki sa paypal mo? wahhhhhh! sa akin laging na wi withdraw, hehehe.. I am not done with my shopping still. ilang small things for the kids pa. Hay!


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