Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Joy to Teach

My heart was full of joy with what  the teacher say about her "Rylie us a Joy to teach."
The official report card was distributed to the students last week.  We were very satisfied of what Rylie has accomplished so far.  S are for satisfactory and X is not applicable - meaning they did not tackle it yet.  Although Rylie knows how to do some of the factors with X, they can't put any  evaluation yet as they didn't do it in classroom yet.  

Below is a video I took last week when she  tried to read  a book without my help.


  1. Hurray to Rylie, you can do it heheheh. galing ng alaga mo bading. She can definitely read well. tinalo pa ang grade one sa atin. and to think 5 years old pa siya ah, galing sa nanay na masipag. hurray!!!

  2. Wow, great job Riley dear...U make mom and dad proud of u ...God bless pretty girl...:)

  3. yipeeeede yipedeyoooooo! ang galing ni Rye...way to go Rye...turuan mo si Akesh ha....hehehehe!

    kakataba naman nang puso...galing mo kasi mag turo sis!

  4. Congratulations to Rylie for her good report and the wonderful compliment from her teacher. :)
    Spinning Lovely Days

  5. Wonderful! Galing naman po ni Rylie...

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  6. Very good Ry... Dapat sa March may ribbon hahaha.. pinas na pinas... dropping by here tooRose.

  7. Hi Rose, you must be very proud of her! :) ang galing niya magbasa na! And ang ganda talaga ni Ry ha? :)
    Pls tell her to keep up the good work!

  8. wow, galing mo Rye...go go go little na, brainy pa..swerte me Rose.

    btw: ang teacher wrong spelling sa name is Rylie hahahaha

  9. bravo!!! clap! clap! clap! mwah to rylie! galing naman talaga.. me pinagmanahan kaya.. di mag load video, i'll be back later to see the video..

  10. Thanks sis, buti na lang mana sa Tatay hehehe

  11. Very well done,Rylie!!You'resosmart!I'm so proud of you my dear!Ang galing-galing!

  12. Congratulations to Rylie. Masipag at matiyagain talaga siya. Manang mana sa Mommy. :)

  13. Thanks for posting the Christmas Card po. In return, I have followed your blog, added you in my blog list and gave you some link love on my more popular blog,

    Thanks again and God bless po.


  14. she is such a smart and beautiful girl...may pinagmanahan :-)


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