Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deejay's Tonight... Not!

Jen invited us at Deejays tonight for Shelby's birthday celebration but unfortunately we d chose not to go. Me and EJ are both coughing and we don't want them to have this cold.  It's a shame because I have never been to  that place yet and has been wanting to see what's inside and  taste their  food but this  due to this dang cold, we can't wahhh.. Maybe next time.  Happy happy birthday to you Shelby.  Shelby is a straight As student, very sweet, and a model.  Keep up the good work Shelby!
Picture of Shelby and EJ above was taken last Christmas.  Below was taken last weekend at Dad's house.  Our little Gracie decided to sit inside the plastic jar hehehe.  Gracie is Shelby's sister.
This little Gracie can walk everywhere now, she grew up so fast.
This little man is just very happy to have his favorite snack, black olives.
Have a good evening everyone.  We just came back from my father-in-law's house.  Thank you so much for  dropping by and leaving your trails.


  1. Happy Birthday Shelby. Get well soon bading and EJ. si Gracie ba nakakalakad na bading?

  2. Cute ng car, hehe. Mas masarap nga ang black olives kesa green na masyadong maalat.

  3. ang cute ni gracie! ooist, galing naman ni EJ, healthy and snack niya..

  4. hi! am now following your lovely blog - found it at FMBT. drop by my blog anytime.


  5. Happy bday Shelby..weeee ka cute ni Gracie. Tingnan mo si Rye, naka smile kasi cute ang kasama nya sa pic hahahaha...hey, EJ, gimme some

  6. ay may naka limutan...pagaling kayong dalawa ni EJ..mahirap may ubo..masakit sa dibdib hehehe

  7. Aww, both you and EJ are sick. I will pray for your divine healing. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Amen. Shelby is a beautiful girl and her sister Gracie is growing up to be a beautiful girl too. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. dalagang dalaga na si Shelby sis ano...galing naman...model pa!

    am just wondering....bat si Shelby black yung hair nya...while si gracie red...ehehehe...did she dye her hair?


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