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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Bloom

When we first bought our house, there are big pines at the right side of our house and hubby and I agreed to have it pulled out since they were getting outta hand. I planted some Iris along the wall before we leave going to Korea. When we came back, they were too thick. .
As I was pulling out the weeds the other day, I saw the very first bloom on it. It looks like a tulip but I don't remember planting a tulip there though. Now all the Iris have buds in it, I think that in few more days they will be in full bloom It's good to be outside once again and enjoy one of my favorite hobby, gardening.


  1. Makapagga gardening na nga kayo nang mga anak mo dahil full bloom na ang spring season diyan sa lugar nyo. Napakaganda nga nung flower na yan na nag bloom sa garden mo. Mukha ngang tulip (or rose?). Very healthful at relaxing ang gardening. You get a lot of exercise and sunshine and you focus your mind on a positive thing. Parang therapy na rin iyan, nakapagba bonding pa kayo nang mga bata. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  2. how lovely! that's such blessing :)

  3. Cool, ako rin trying hard mag halaman, maganda kasi kapag may halaman sa labas ng bahay, nakakapagpaganda ng itsura di ba?

  4. They are pretty bakla. we have one of that too in our front yard.

  5. wow, eto and namimiss ko sa probinsya, open air..dito sa city, wala na ko makita flowers maliban sa dangwa, haha..

  6. Would love to try gardening talaga,kaya lang wala yata akong green thumb eh.(T_T)I love your pink tulips ,Ate Rose!


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