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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Quarrel?

Do dogs have LQ? Hmmmnnn, I am just wondering because these two had a minor paw fight yesterday and I scolded both of them. After that, they did not play with each other for a while so I was wondering if they have this thing called pride too hehehe. Silly Me lol..
Here is Champ, thinking whether or not he would say sorry to Chelsea or not hahaha. And here is Chelsea, waiting for Champ to apologize lol. Oh boy, I just want you guys to laugh a little bit.


  1. pano mg-scold ng dog manay?! don't know how, don't have dogs :)

    steve carell and tina fey?!
    meet my mom

  2. haha.. sis, natawa ako dito, i hope me kalaro din si magic.. pero mukhang suplado si champ.. :)

  3. hahahahaa!!pati aso nagtatampo tuloy lol!!

    hope you're feeling better now,Ate Rose.Take a lot of fluids and take a rest when you have the time.hugs!

  4. Ay mali yata yung nilagyan ko nang comments tungkol sa dalawang aso mo. Iakyat mo na lang dito yung comment kung pwede, lol. Anyway nasa ibabang post yung comments ko tungkol sa lovers quarrel nang mga aso mo. Thanks ulit. God bless you all always.

  5. waaaa..may LQ nga siguro ang mga dogs Rose kasi may dogs din kami sa bahay (Davao)at nag tatampuhan din. Ang Female dog ang mainitin ang ulo. Ang tawag namin sa kanya ay may regla pag sinumpong waaaa hahahaha.

  6. They are so cute I can't stand it! :-). Looks like the scolding work. They got the message!


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