Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Egg Hunters

While the adults are busy preparing the foods and chitchatting, the kids were having a blast outside hunting for eggs. Chelsea and Champ help looking for those easter eggs too but they weren't so lucky to find any lol.
EJ was so proud of the eggs that he found with coins and candies in it. They put their coins in their respective piggy banks after wards. It was funny because before the egg hunting started, Rylie put up a lemonade stand lol and she made a dollar and some so she was so proud of it.


  1. at least yun mga kids mo alam kung paano pahalagahan ang pera, bata pa pero marunong na magabi para sa future nila....gandang araw sayo mommy rose

  2. hi Rose, I'm sure nag enjoy sila sa egg hunting.
    By the way, buti pa sa inyo dyan wala na talagang snow, nag melt naba lahat?
    we still have much snow here, pero nagmelt na kunti.

  3. easter egg hunting is fun! andrea had a blast with it

  4. I want my kids experience the egg hunting!Ang saya-saya nila tingnan while looking for their easter egg!

  5. Rose, sounds like your family had a great Easter. Wonderful photos of the egg hunt.

  6. we have no egg hunting activities..we just stay home the whole day of easter.

  7. Looks like the children had fun hunting Easter eggs.

    ~ Tracy


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