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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dating Canadian Geese

We went to Tomlinson Run last Friday for the weather was warm and it has been over two years since we last visited that recreation area in New Manchester, WV. There are folks that were fishing down at the lake and lots of canadian geese.

These two canadian geese seems to be dating as they were tagging along with each other and when the other one flew, the other followed. Too bad I wasn't able to catch in camera hehehe.


  1. Too cool. I love to go to the park and watch the ducks and geese dating and then go back later and see the outcome of their dating.

  2. Geese mate for life, don't they? Hope they found their true love in each other...

  3. oh my..that is cute....ganda ng pagkakuha mo bakla.....great job!

    daan me dito sis....thanks sa email...will reply you soon...mwah!

  4. Canadian geese....your photo share is magical. Kinda like they're playing the game 'follow the leader'.

    My WATERY stop by if you get a chance.

  5. Talagang hopelessly romantic ka Rose, lol. Pati mga hayop ay nilalagyan mo nang tags, lol. Hindi ko pa nakakalimutan nung sinulat mo yung LQ ni Champ at Chelsea, hahaha, lol. Talagang pilya ka at masayahin at punong puno nang clean fun humor. Maganda yung ganyang attitude sa buhay. Hindi ka agad tatanda dahil you find humor in almost everything. Ano na kayang nangyari sa date nung dalawang goose?, hehehe, lol. Huwag na po nating alamin at baka triple x na yung mga susunod na eksena, hehehe, lol. JOKE LANG HA! Alam ko whoelsome blog din ito, hehehe, lol. Thanks for your romantic post. God bless you all always.

  6. I wonder if it is young love or maybe they are a couple who have spent their whole life together, some expert will comment and tell us that geese have many different mates and our romantic dream will be blown apart.

  7. Those are very beatiful birds, and you've got good pictures!


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