Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prayer Get-Together

We were invited by a filipina friend for prayer gathering last weekend so me and the kids went. She told me not to bring food because she said that she ordered some from the Chinese restaurant and other Filipinos promised to bring some menus to but I brought with us some ginataan (Filipino dessert) anyway. I don't want to go there without bringing anything. Well, I should have listened to her because there were tons of foods in there.
The kids had so much playing with the kids, although they got sick after that gathering which led me to believed that they got food poisoning from there.
All the kids in the photos are half Filipinos and half Americans. After saying the rosary, the ladies had a jewelry presentation from someone who work as a jewlery agent.
I brought my kids at the back porch when we ate our food but we did not last there because it was cold. We just enjoyed the beautiful view and we came back in.
I took this beautiful combination of two trees in full bloom in front of their neighbor's house.

Thank you all for including my children in your prayers, they are feeling better now. Although their appetite are still down but at least they are not sick anymore. Praise God for He is great!


  1. eto din po, I included in my blogroll at Happy Home Working hope to see you there...

  2. aww!!! kakatuwa ate rose na meron ka pong ganyang community na napupuntahan.. kame dito eh limitadong limitado... I've been na to your MM entry and after pala netong gathering sila nagkasakit... buti hindi kinailangan ma hospitalize... si alyssa kase na food poison sa pinas, 3 days kame sa hospital... hirap talaga kase sensitive ang tyan ng mga kids... hope their appetite gets back to normal soon...

  3. A family that prays together, stays together. And family includes not only our blood relatives but friends too.

    What a great event on your weekend!

  4. We always pray wherever we go whatever we do and when there is a time that we forgot our son always tell us that we forgot to pray and we are thankful...happy SS! Rose your kiddos are cute...

    Mine is here

  5. Oh how I love to hear that you are praising God. I know it is music to the Lord's ears. It is always great to attend prayer meetings cum fellowship with Pinay friends. You can compare notes and share problems and experiences and explore opportunities for sharing businesses. The kids can also play and congregate with fellow Fil/Am kids. Too bad that your kids contracted food poisoning in the gathering. Must be some spicy and stale food they ate. Anyway, I have been praying for them and for your whole family too. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  6. buti kapa jan sis madami kang kilalang pinay,....dito kasi d ako kasi dito mga sossy....weeeeeeee.....

    at may jewelry presentation pa...bongga....ehehhehe....:) glad to know ok na ang mga bata....

    daan lang me muna dito....sige...mwah! will email you soon...ingat....:)

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  8. Praise God your kids are feeling better na, Mommy Rose. Hopefully by this time, they are super well na talaga, I pray for that.

    Looks like a fun gathering you had there. Parang nag enjoy talaga ang mga kids. And looks like ang saya niyo dun sa pic na nasa living room kayo. And I love that pic of the trees - very beautiful!

    Take care and God bless! :)

  9. God is great, wonderful post

  10. Ganda ng get together ninyo bakla, sana next time makasali ako ano. I'll ask Joe to drive me then pick me up when I'm ready to come home hehehe. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Mare,
    thank you sa comment mo. medyo lie low ako ng konte kasi I am now getting the morning sickness. nakakainis! pero sige lang...

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  12. I thought it was just one tree. :) Nice capture. Oh I hope the kids are feeling better.

  13. Im glad to hear that they kids are doing well.

    And those tree are quite lovely.

    Pixelbug Weekend

  14. hello po. you can go to my labels then browse Rant and Rave. All of my funny posts will be there.

  15. ohhh, am glad they are okay now; got food poisoning, too last week and it was my first time...thank goodness after two days, i was finally better.

  16. glad to hear that they are all fine now :) hug them for me :)

  17. Whoa!Glad to hear that they're fine now..di ko man lang nalaman na nagkasakit pala sila kung di ako naka bisita dito.Sana bumalik na kaagad yung appetite nila..Give them a hug for me,Ate Rose!

  18. It's good to hear that the kids are better. Hirap pa naman pag may sakit ang mga bata.

    That tree really has nice colors, different but pretty.

  19. Laging masrap ang feeling pag may gathering sa katulad natin dba?
    Lalo na sa eating moment hehe


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