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Friday, April 30, 2010


Driving to Tomlinson Run Recreation Park takes about 30 minutes from our house so we have a chance to see different kinds of natural beauties including animals on the way. We passed by a farm with cows in it and the kids got excited so hubby turned around and pulled over on the side so they could see them fully. I was happy too since I got the chance to take some pictures hehehe.


  1. Btw bakla tapol means tinatamad hehe.

  2. Kakatuwa ka talaga bading kinareer pagka blogger photographer and your hubby is very supportive. Ganyan buhay nating mga adik sa blogging. hehe Thanks for sahring.

  3. hahhaha...tapol or! nakisawsaw ba naman...joke!

    daan me dito badingding....dami baka jan sa paligid nyo ah....madalas lang akong makakita ng baka dito samin...ehehhehe...

    nag email pala ako sau....hehehe....sige, watch muna ako ng soap operas....hehehe!

    have a wonderful weekend...mwah!

  4. weee..hehe we are the same sis, we also stop by to take picture during long trips when its nice spot whether its animals or view:)

    good day!

  5. Nice view, so relaxing! :)

  6. Your kids were so excited about the cows. You can probably consider raising a ranch of your own and make EJ and Rylie as cowboy and cowgirl, lol. Seriously, your kids have a penchant for outdoor activities. Mabuti yun sa kanila na hindi katulad nang ibang bata na maghapong nakatanghod sa computer or TV at wala nang physical exercise or recreational outdoor activities. Ang mga batang iyon ay lalaking mga obese at lalampa lampa, lol. Thanks for the cowboy post. God bless you all always.

  7. Nice shots of the cows and fields!

  8. Who doesn't love seeing cows peacefully grazing in the field. Good photos.


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