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Monday, February 23, 2009

Imaginary Friends

My husband is worried about our daughter because she is telling us stories about her imaginary friends. Hubby said that it might be becuase she lack of interaction from other kids that's why she's creating these friends. She always told us about her Friend "Alex", she said that he met him at the airport. Just yesterday, she told me that she met another friend whose name is Josh. I think thaat toddlers really have imaginary friends, its just normal right? Did you experience the same with your kids?


  1. hi ate, actually sa age ng child mo okey lang yan there's no need to worry about it's normal, it's part of the stages in life.

  2. i think it's not normal. there might be different cases. maybe you can consult a psychiatrist just to at least know the science of this.

  3. she is in hurry to have playmates or friends that why some parents enrolled their kids in pre school at early age

  4. hi rose.. i think it is quite normal..last time i remember my brother talking to himself while he was playing.. like there were a group of soldiers with him..haha.. well, later he outgrown that..anyway, as long as it doesnt go out of hand, it is alright...

    another thing was my was 2 recently and went down to 0 few days was really depressing. i wonder what went wrong...
    then this morning i noticed that my followers from 57 went down to 45... sigh..what is just one day, 12 followers were reduced? i really dont understand..

  5. Thanks for the assurance Nurse Grace...

  6. Naku, that's very serious naman Mr. Dong, okay lang siguro to hehehe.. Actually I researched on;ine and for her age, is quite normal!

  7. Di kasi namin maeenrol ng pre school dito due to language barrier Nanay Belen, how I wish we could..

  8. Thanks for additional input Claire..

    Your PR should be back in a few weeks, just keep updating your blog.. It happened to my bravejournal blog too but now the PR is back.. I think the follower thing is a system error, coz almost all lost some of their followers too.. I lost 25 wahhhhhhhh..

  9. I think that is part of growing up.

  10. Hi Rose!
    Children that age usually pass that stage. Having no actual playmates, they create their own. I think my younger child went through that stage too. Nothing to worry, it is but normal.

    Ingat lang palagi!

  11. Rose, don't worry about it, it is very normal at her age, it is a phase. Anyway, how are you guys doing?


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