Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing terribly

Oh no, its quarter to one already... I just now successfully got my daughter to sleep, she refused to go to bed because she was waiting for her Dad to arrive. Gosh, it's so difficult for a Mom to see their child cry because they miss their Dad. Although we talked to my husband a while ago, it wasn't enough to convince my daughter that Daddy won't be home till this Saturday. Oh boy! Okidoci folks, need to go to bed too... Goodnight and thanks for visiting and commenting as always!


  1. I understand how your kids feel

    you know, they've gotten accustomed to having daddy around and so the absence is difficult to bear

    i was such a kid too! (haha)

  2. oh poor rylie she miss her dad i think she close cla mag ama c nicole pag napapalo ko takbo xa kaya hubby


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