Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smart Korean Girl

We went to Home Plus last Sunday so that the kids can play in their play area. It was raining the whole day so our little burritos were bored to tears. The moment we arrived at the play area, a five year old Korean girl with her 3 year old tag along sister approached us and talked to us. I found it very impressive because most of the Korean won't talk to us there. She was very good in English. I asked her if she has an English tutor but she told me that her Dad teaches her because he was a school teacher. She said that her English name is Sally and her sister is Sarah. So here's the remembrance of a brave talented girl who talked to us.


  1. A talented and gifted little girl!

  2. very smart talaga!!!! brave girl too

  3. you have a wonderful kids.thanks for visiting my blog.you are a great mom im sure

  4. very smart!
    ang cucute ng mga chikiting! lalo na ang iyong daughter ^_^

  5. Hi Rose!

    That is one smart and brave girl!:)

    Thanks for sharing, and also for commenting on my blog!

    I added your link at No. 360 listed here:


    Take care friend!:)

  6. Very impressive, I remember when we were in Korean, no one talks to me.

    How are you Rose? and the kiddos? I had been busy with everything, kaya di na muna ako makadalaw.Ingat na lang.

  7. I am always impressed when other cultures care to speak the English language. Very cute photos and thank you for coming by.

  8. hay naku!wala kumakausap din sa akin dito noh?!buti pa ang bata!smart!!

  9. Impressive girl. Very rare kasi talaga sa kanila ang marunong mag-English eh. di ba?! Dito nga sa Philippines, nagwo-worry ako na baka maging Korean country na tayo eh. Sa dami ng mga Koreans dito ngayon na nag-aaral "DAW" ng English! But I think, most of them are here for good!


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