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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sojukdo Beach - Chinhae

I was a little bit cranky yesterday so when hubby returned from work, he took us to the beach where they had their comunity relation clean up last week. Sojukdo Beach is a newly developed area, this is the other side of the beach where my family used to hang out.
This is the place where we always goes. Can you see the man digging out for oysters? The Light House
Here's our little man, investigating.
Here are my sweethearts.
My lil' buritoes and I at the top of the traditional Korean structure.

A Good form of exercise for us.
EJ did not want any help from us, he climbed the stairs by himself.
Daddy had to carry him going down though because we exited on the other side and stairs was very steep.
Here are some local people trying tocatch some fish.
This area is also a favorite destination for couples or daters
I don't know what this means lol..

What I admire about Koreans is that they have a unique way of doing things.
see those white bags strapped on the post? Those are waterbags, which keep the trees watered everyday.
I like the design of this light post.
This building is being structured into a big ship. I was going to take a picture of the building that was built like a turtle ship but the rain started to pour so I was not able to.
And te hihlight of our trip, is this. Rylie and EJ got to meet Patrick the Star from Spongebob the movie lol..Have a great weekend everyone! Take care and God Bless!


  1. i admire the water bag too mads---
    unique talaga....

  2. As they say, pictures paint a thousand words. I really enjoy your photos. They tell all the stories. You must have millions of them by now. Thanks for the usual wonderful post. God bless you all always.

  3. interesting way to water the trees :-)...nice views, too!

  4. very nice place....hayy...very relaxing pictures...ang cute ni little boy yung solo nya hahaha....nakakatuwa talaga ng kids mo girl....gawa pa kayo, sayang ang lahi....para may doctor, lawyer, nurse, businessman, pari at madre hahaha

  5. Nice beach sis.

    anyway sis, musta kana? hehe long time no talk ah.. can we xlink?

  6. so nice. lagi kayong may family bonding.

  7. wow ganda ng mga views rose. Tapos ang linis pa.How I wish that I could visit korea, but its impossible hehe. Crisis kasi.

    thanks for always visiting my blog.

  8. i dont even have the perfect description to the place. it's simply beautiful! so clean yet it has a touch of being modern too.

  9. wow nice pics! ang gaganda ng view...relaxing...
    sana kaya ko pa ngayong umakyat ng hagdan na tuloy tuloy tagal ko ng walang exercise ehehe

  10. family mo un? ang sarap naman, salamat po sa pag daan sa blog ko...

  11. eeeee gala na naman kayo!!! saya saya!!

    oi mare prang lalo ka gumaganda.. blooming ka lalo ha!! i wonder whats ur secret.. share nmn jan hehe

  12. wow manang...the place is I wish to go there...hehehe...wish lang naman eh...hehehe!

    woi manang bat ka naman na cranky? PMS mo ba? wag naman mag cranky...lapit na bday mo eh...hehehhe!

    musta na manang? miss to hear from you...sowe now lang ako naka visit dito ha...ito kasing lappy ko may sakit..buti wla na sya lagnat ngayon...hehehe!

    salamat sa visits and comments manang ko...miss you...:)

    will buzz you ulit tayo...hehehe...miss ko na kasi chickaminute natin eh...hehehe!

    sige,, blog hop muna ako manang...hug and kisses sa mga burittos mo...:)

  13. >Hi Mads, eu ibahon ang system ninda ano...

    >Hello Kuya Mel, You're absolutely right, I have tons of pictures already hehehe..

    >I agree with you ate Cecille..

    >Hahaha sayang ka dyan, hirap kaya ng madaming anak... Thanks Ams!

    >Hi Rosa, well, we are all doing great here.. sure we can xlinks!

    >Kailang Nanay Belen eh para di kami mabaliw dito lol..

    >Oo kahit saan siguro ate weng nakakransa ng crisi eh hehehe..

    >Hi Dong, thanks a lot.. Maganda doon..

    >Hahaha di ka na ba nageexercise Meryl, I think you can still climb up..

    >Thanks for visiting back living stain..

    >Hi Niko, gumaganda ka dyan hehehe but thanks!

  14. ang ganda naman diyan, mukhang enjoy nga kayo! sarap talaga gumala lalo na pag kasama kids di ba?
    i like the watering bag pic. creative and genius! :)

  15. Thanks for sharing all those photos you shoot. It's like being in that place you're in. Love it!

  16. coming by here Rose.. how r u? nice trip u went with yr family..

  17. Wow, nice view! I have a great time looking at the pics. Glad you have a wonderful time, too!

    By the way, I have a tag for you. Grab it if you have time. Thanks!

  18. hi!thank's for dropping by my page..i'll update my links soon...

    by the way, nice pictures!

  19. ngek!!di ba ako nakapag-comment dito?
    parang ang haba naman ng stairs noh?siguro abot tuhod ko dyan!!ang ganda ng views,Ate Rose!Sana makapunta din ako dyan!!^_^

  20. Beautiful place and lovely pictures indeed!


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