Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer is great for family Bonding

The weather was very beautiful the other day so we went to this circle where kids can bike and run around. We chased each other in the area where there is grass and we had fun. It is mandatory inside the base to wear protective gears when biking, so rylie was all decked up. The view from this area is gorgeous, you can see some part of the town and mountain.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi Chubs, this place looks so cool. You, especially the kids sure have had a fun day out.

    Re-that plagiarism thing, t'was the first thing i did today,lol! reading the original and the copied version of the article.. i really can't believe it but it was there and they're true.. hay... talagang di mo akalain. parang gusto mong halungkatin lahat ng articles nya to see kung ano pang meron...haha.. but anyway, i think she's very well aware of it by now... na pinag-uusapan na sya ng buong blogosphere.

    yung nangyari ba sayo, siya din ang may gawa? tsismosa talaga, no!? :D

  2. Hello there rose. thanks much for the comment on my mother's day post :) by the way, i am not yet pregnant...maybe next year. ninang ka ha :)


  3. Wah she's so cute with all those protective gears.

  4. ang sarap ng pasyal ng mag ama ano? saka ang ganda ng view nya sa likod mga bundok nga at bahayan ata sya...linis pa ng lugar

  5. hello! this looks like a lot of fun! my daughter is learning to ride the bike without the trainer wheels and she is having a good time :D

  6. Nako buti pa jan manang...nice ang weather..dito na sobran sa nice ang weather dito...nakakapaso eh...hehehhe!

    wow I love the gorgeous scenery Rye's get ups...hehhehe!

    woi ano bang meron...late na ata ako sa news...sino tong tinutukoy ni Nancy? hehehhe...miss you a lot manang...d na tayo nakakapagchat...ehhehe...ito kasing YM ko..parati ako nakikick out...ewan ko ba...kaya d na ako minsan nag log in...musta na pala jan?

    woi bilhan nyo si Rye ng inflatable pool...oks narin naman ang weather jan eh...tapos kaya naman yan sa bulsa...hehehe...kaw pa dami mo kaya moolah...hehehe!

    Sige manang..will chat you some diha...mwah!

  7. wow thats so sweet
    just dropping by here
    have a great day and happy blogging

  8. lovely views! yeah, that's a great way to bond!

  9. Very serene yung place at ang ganda ng view!Parang ang sarap din maglaro ng habulan! hehehe!

  10. The view is so pretty, looks like the children had fun on their bikes.

  11. Hello Ate Rose!!Good morning!7:45 am pa dito^_^Di ko yata makita ang Etcetera mo?at parang hirap ako ngayong magbukas ng mga blogs?(T_T)I'll try to visit again your other blog.

    Talagang panay ang pasyal nyo dyan noh,Ate Rose?!Ang ganda pala dyan sa korea.Hoiistt!!yung H1N1 nandito spreading na sa Japan!wala ng mabibilhang H1N1 mask dito!!(T_T)

  12. nice pics!

    miss you so so much. sorry for not visiting in a while..hope you hadn't forget about me....may drama! hehee

  13. I love open and wide spaces! the kids can run around and in your case, rylie biked around! :)

    family time is really fun, no matter how simply it is spent! :) Nothing beats being together on one fine day! :)

  14. Hi Rose! The view is so fantastic! You are like in a roof top eh! Ganda talaga! Good for the kids to be well protected!

    Btw, pwede ba maki-eaves dropping? Curious who this plagiarist is. he he.. pa share naman oh. tsismosa ba? slight lang naman. he he..

  15. What a wonderful bonding experience for all of you. You seem to be the official photographer of your family that is why you are seldom seen in your photos. I pray to the Lord that you will always stay that way. Thanks for your wonderful post. God bless you all always.


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