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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy Moment - Silly Moment # 1

Hi there folks, Its TGIF again and I decided to join the Mommy Moments network. Mommy Moments revolve on family gatherings, activities, fun and exciting adventures. It does not revolve on Mommy's world alone but the whole family. The Author Mommy Chris of the Mommy Journey gives a theme that should be posted every Friday. So here is my very first entry of this week's theme "Silly Moment."

I miss these baby photos.  Glad I got  copies of them to look back to.


  1. cool pics of silly moments c: naaliw talaga ako c:

  2. hahaha, love them all especially where Ry is taking a bath on the sink; reminds me of Jake when he was still baby and could still fit on the sink :-); thanks for sharing these happy and silly moments with your family, Rose!

  3. i Like the alien bathing in the sink, I mean EJ hahaha! ang cute sobra! :)

  4. I like the bath on the sink, hair so cute. Pictures are all great. This Mommy Moments are interesting..

  5. hahaahaha!!ka-cute naman ni EJ sa sink!!\(^0^)/welcome to Mommy Moment,Ate Rose!!Thanks for sharing!!

  6. The hair standing erect and proud beats all. I love the baby silly shot too :-) all of them! Happy MM

  7. awwww, your kids are sooo cute!!! i specially love the pic with your baby by the sink! so cute!
    welcome to mommy moments!

  8. sarap nilang kurutin..kakagigil sa ca cute

  9. visiting your MM entry!

    hahaha! the sink picture made me laugh hard!

  10. Your kids are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing this precious moments, mommy rose! :)

    welcome to mommy moments! :)

  11. Awww! I like the last photo the most. :)

  12. cutie silly moments pics. kakatuwa tingnan :)

    happy mommy moments :)

  13. @ Thanks Isah!

    @Thanks Ate Cecille, I should have joined this MM long time ago hhahaha, kakatuwa pala..

    @Hi Beth, the baby in the sink is actually Rylie hehehe..

    @Hi Liz, yep it is. I got interested with this week's theme so I joined!

    @Thanks YUb!

    @Thanks Rizza, Si RYlie yung nasa sink hehehe..

    @Hahahaha Thanks Hazel!

    @Thanks for visiting Nel's Bebi and for the compliment..

    @Hi Beng, thanks a lot!

    @Hahaha Shaolin head tawag ko dyan Beth M.

    @Thanks a lot Mirriam!

    @Thanks Meikah, yep my son is trying to feed his sister with his fist lol..

    @Thanks Laine

  14. how many months here si pogi? meaning dakulaon sya nagluwas mads?

  15. welcome to mommy moments! you definitely posted a lot of funny moments :D

  16. Rose, i think you can still post it even though it is late...

    just post it on your two other blog para separate sila

    then sa sunod, up to date ka na :-)

    happy mommy moments, Rose, and welcome nga pala, nakalimutan ko na, kasi naman nakaktuwa si Ry eh hehehe

  17. Hi ryliej, there's a tag for you at my site if nobody has beat me to it yet :-) i might have mixed up your usernames as i tagged both of your blogs.

  18. what a cute kiddies you have
    have a great day and happy blogging to you

  19. Those are really funny pictures. Your family pictures never fail to amuse me. They literally make my day. Thanks for those funny (I would not say silly) pictures. God bless you all always.

  20. I love their pictures! Happy Mommy Moments! :)

  21. waaah! ang cucute ng mga pics pati si daddy eh nakisali din ehhehe...naki nguso ^_^
    reminds me of "inguso mo" ng Eat Bulaga hehe ^_^

    By the way, back to normal na ulit ako sa blogging ehhehe ^_^ kadarating lang namin ni hubby and excited akong bumisita ulit ^_^ happy mother's day...belated. how's your mother's day celeb pala?ingatz and God bless

  22. dropping by before i hit the bed :-)

  23. wow, great photos with great kids...God bless
    I enjoy looking at the picture

  24. Please visit my other blog here, if you have time, hehehe!

    See you around!

  25. hahhaha...kakatuwa naman tong mga bulilit mo manang...hehehhe... i love whenn EJ bits Rye's finger....hehehhe!

    musta na manang ko...I have missed in...hehehe!

    sowe now lang me naka punta dito ha...dami ko na absent...hehehe...kakaloka!

    overheat kasi lappy ko...kaya every 2 hours kung pina pa sleep mode...:) so pain in the butt...hahaha!

    musta na dyan? san ang weekend nyo?

    miss to hear from you manang...hope to chat with you pagmakabili kami bukas ng air spray...hehehe!

    ingat kayo lagi...mwah!

  26. muzta mga makukulit jan sa wakas may pc na ako

  27. Have a great weekend,Ate Rose!!oo nga,si Rylie nga pala yun--pano ka kulit ng mga kidoes eh !\(^0^)/

  28. nice pics, beautiful kids and good husband, you're so lucky Rose, have a great weekend God bless.

  29. you've got such adorable kiddies!


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