Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keen and Witty International Dating

I would be forever grateful to online dating site because I wouldn't have my loving husband and two beautiful children without it. I remember when my student assistant in the office where I worked then told me to make a profile to this dating site, I told her that I don't want to do it because I was so busy writing my thesis then. She said, I'll make one for you, I agreed to her suggestion thinking that she was just kidding. But to my surprise, she really did it. I wasn't really serious about it until one day this guy frantically left me a message to just contact him in email because his free trial expired. Since my free trial had expired too, I sent this guy an email. And that's when our love story began. From email communication to talking on the phone every so often, we are now happily married for 6 years with two adorable kids and thanks to online dating for it! The picture below was taken during our honeymoon in Cebu, Philippines five years ago.


  1. nice love story. you're really meant for each other.

  2. wwowowow maalaala mo kya mads..kagayun pagrumdumon adi--
    where is ruth now? teacher na sya diba?

  3. congrats mommy rose at dun pala kayo nagkakilala ni fafa mo ha...salamat talaga sa online dating na ganyan...nakakatulong sa pusong naghihintay magmahal


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