Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Since we are going to the Philippines in a couple of months, I have to start getting ready of the things that we have to take on our upcoming travel. Having said that I canceled my tutorial to my student, next week will be our last session. Thanks Jason for being with us, hope you will continue your English lesson with another teacher. We're going to miss you Jason, especially EJ who wants to hang out with you all the time. It's funny because EJ was dancing in front of my student last night lol.


  1. Wow, that's exciting to see Pinas again! Whereabouts are you Rose malay mo magkita-ktia tayo doon dvaaa to your beauty.. we'll be going home too by end of Feb and maybe for a month, depende if our company still bothers to reapply his visa again, if yes, then we'll only be there for a week or so.

    Uy sistah Rose, I am so intrigued about what you said that PREGGIES ARE LUCKY? So maybe I should pursue it then? heheheheh

    Thanks for your sweet advise sistah, yes in fact, we are both worried since we had to leave the country by the 10th of Feb and take note we travel by road - a 12 hour drive! I was really thinking that maybe I'll just have to stay here til March, but the trouble is, I can't stay here alone without hubby (his last working visa expires by then), therefore we have to leave on time! Flight? no more flights here anymore as people opted to go road trips.. huhuuhh anyway, I know we can make a plan...

  2. Oh I see, i thought you will staying there for quite a while. Naku ingatan mo ang pagbabyahe sis at nasa first trim ka pa lang!

    Preggies are really lucky!

    May God bless your trip sis!

  3. Hi Rose!!

    Nice to know you're coming home. Hope you'll have the best vacation ever. Are you gonna stay in Bicol?
    Oh, how I love Bicol! Beautiful place!


  4. Rose, wow it's your turn na pala hehe.
    It's exciting, ilang years ka na bang di nakauwi sa atin? I'm sure your relatives are excited too.
    kakauwi ko lang pero yong 7 weeks namin parang kulang pa.

    How long you gonna stay there sa atin, matagal din ba kayo?
    pagbalik mo dalhan mo ko ng bicol express ha hehe.

    anyway happy to know that your going home.

  5. Wow! am so excited for you sure matutuwa mama mo to see your kiddos...nako baka madiscover yang mga chikiting mo don at maging stage mother happy for you manang....enjoy and have fun!


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