Thursday, January 22, 2009

fresh veggies and fruits

My daughter just got done eating slices of sweet bell pepper. She love eating it with blue cheese dressing and dip. I am glad that my son is starting to eat a little bit of fresh veggies and fruits too. My son refuse to eat any veggies before but now that he sees his sister eat fresh and cooked veggies, he start eating it too. Rylie also like eating fresh cucumber, green bell pepper and tomatoes. She also love canned black olives.


  1. blog hopping here sis and reading new posts...drop ec here as well

  2. wow bilib naman ako sa kids mo girl, kami lang yata ang may lahi na ayaw kumain ng veggies pero I am trying to eat veggies and I am inspiring my daughter to eat veggies too I hope we will get successful hehehe

  3. nkktuwang tingnan girl mo sistah, ako kc pihikan when it comes to veges! believe tlga ako s mga kids who eat veges... this is one of the things we didn't learn when we were kids...


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