Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the future artist

Rylie's favorite tools/objects are scissors, glue, paper and coloring pens and crayons. One time I saw some of her hair on the floor, when I asked her she said that she ran out of paper so she cut her hair, aint that something hehehe. But anyhow, she was busy doing her artwork that according to her, she will send it to her Pap.


  1. Very talented Rylie!!\(^0^)/
    Happy Thursday po!!

  2. smart tlga si rylie!! hohohoh i wish ganyan din ang yena ko..

    u brought her up very very good! galing mo! :)

  3. wow sistah...hehhe..galing ni rye..super mommy..hhehe! good job sis...she can't manage to do stuff like this without the guidance of a very good parent.hehhe!


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