Monday, December 22, 2008

Photo Tag & Award

Got this tag and award from Amy. Thanks a lot friend! The tag says that I have to post pictures that were taken last year.. Hmmnnnn, wait a minute, lemme think what we have done last year lol.. Oh, these pictures were taken at our Filipino friend's house in Ohio when we attended their daughter's birthday party.
EJ was only five months old here...
Hala Go Anak, big bite hehehe.
Here's what you got to do:
1. Post some pictures last year.
2. Tag your blogger friends . Enjoy!
Now I am tagging Faye, Dhemz, Malou, Umma, Niko, TCecille, Cookie, Kittykat and those who want to do this tag.. Happy posting posties!


  1. Oops, I forgot to grab this one pala.. will post it on my baby's blog soon..

  2. wow ha...super nice photos...good to remember right? thanks for sharing it to us Rose...thanks for posting...

  3. aw i have another tag from u. i will do it soooon!!

    anyways dear, i sent u email! pls check it out wink wink :D


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