Monday, December 22, 2008

How Can Healthy teeth Help You live Longer

What age did you start introducing your child for a tooth care? We started using the gum cleanser when our children was 2-3 months old just so they would get use to it. Now some kids does not want to brush their teeth for a lot of reason. Some are scared because the tooth brush aren't soft, they are afraid that they might get hurt. If this is the case try to add a lil' fun, buy them battery operated toothbrush. My kids loves it when their toothbrush are spinning inside their mouth hehehe...
As a kid, brushing your teeth may have seemed like a hassle, but as an adult, you should be aware of how important healthy teeth and gums really are. First of all, many of the foods that help your body build strong muscles and bones also build strong teeth and healthy gums. Dairy products, breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats all contribute to healthy teeth and a healthy body. In addition, good oral health may help you manage the following conditions—or better yet, prevent them altogether. source:


  1. Oh yes. brushing teeth is extremely important. My kid is still afraid of brushing. But he likes it when i rub his teeth with my fingers, as a start, before i use a toothbrush. Hehehe

  2. great info sistah....:) We did the same thing with Akesha...2-3 months is a good start..kahit ala pa ngipin...hehheh! Akesha and Rye have the same toothpaste...kahit toothbrush non dora...kakaloka!

  3. How old is your son Willie? You can buy a gum cleanser that is soft, he might like it a lot.. My son used to love that but i got tired of it coz he love chewing my wiger under it too hahaha...

  4. Hahahah mga Dora fanatic kasi mga princesses natin eh, yung mga previous toothbrushes nya were dora's too but we can't find a battery operated one that is design as dora so we just got the kitty one..

  5. yeah saka maganda daw yang colgate less flouride sabi ng pinsan kong dentist para atleast ma swallow nila ok lang, sali din yung munchkin ko hehe...yan din gamit nya c nicole umiiyak pag tinu toothbrush ko pero pag natapos na tatawanan nya lang ako


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