Monday, December 22, 2008

Wishes being granted everyday... got one?

I've got so many wishes not only for my self but especially for my love ones. I think Santa will get tired of reading my very long wish list. My daughter's wish to sit on Santa's lap came true when we attended the party, a week ago and she was so thrilled to experience that for the first time. She remembered the fun we had when we uploaded her picture at and got to see Santa's virtual image. It is amazing how kids can recall every little thing that you do with them. I am glad that I let her experience it, she was able to tell differentiate the real Santa and the virtual one. This time around, I've got a wish for my mother. It has been four years since I left and last saw her and I am missing her terribly. I want to have a Cieva Digital Frame that I can send her so she would be able to view our pictures through it. This digital frame from Cieva is very cool and unique because it automatically receives photos by phone and doesn't need an Internet connection to download the pictures. It has 8" high definition displays so Mama would be able to see her grandchildren that she's been longing to see so bad. What I like about Cieva is the lifetime warranty that comes with it, so if it breaks, they''ll fix it for you for free. This is the picture of me and Mama that was taken when I departed from the Philippine Airport to the States. This makes me feel very sad and homesick.


  1. It's good that you have Cieva. How long have you not been home to Phillipine?

  2. Hi Willie, its been almost four years since i left.... I don't have the cieva yet, but am hoping that santa would give me one lol

  3. Oh really, that's what everybody says hehehe.. But i think i look more like Papa...


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