Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends for Daddy

Weekends are Daddy's time with the makukulit little ones due to my work schedule. To entertain the kids, my husband always take them to the Homeplus mall nearby here so they could play with the Korean Kids in town.. Here are some pictures:


  1. whoa! thts nice...bonding moments....cute kiddoes....

  2. dear nakadakul ka baga ki 3p's haralabaun ugaring

  3. ^_^Thanks FR, hubby is trying his very best taking care of the kids and I'm so proud of him!

    ^_^ amo Lou, nakadakop pa akong usad bago ako nagwork.. and puro ugaring barato saka halaba.. bayai sana basta ayo

  4. Rose, the kids looks enjoying themself. Yan and daddy, nice pic.

    I was not busy these days but I was not feeling well, thats why i could not able to write some posts.
    I have lot of things to write but my headache was terrible, now it getting better. Well write post soon..TC

  5. Hello Ate Weng, I hope you feel better now. Headache is awful especially if you have little ones to attend to.


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