Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The More the Better

I started blogging in early June this year and I can say that I love and enjoying it a lot. I am getting addicted to it actually lol. What great about blogging is that you will meet a lot of people from different walks of life and you certainly learned a lot of things from them. A plus factor is that you can earn some cash from it. Ang saya say diba? If i could have learn this long time ago, maybe am debt free now hahaha (just kidding my friends). 

But kidding aside, blogging really help us a lot in many ways. We gain friends, we learned a lot from reading other people's post, it help us express ourselves, it releases tensions and it is actually a form of relaxation for me. I'm glad that advertisers are utilizing the media through bloggers in promoting their stuff. Nowadays that money is so tight, you have to look for ways on how to add additional income to your pocket. If you want some more opportunities to take, you can check out iHype and see if it suits your interest. The more opportunities you can grab, the better!


  1. So true Rose. Sentiments no doubt thought and pracised by many bloggers nowadays.

  2. You are right there Rose. In fact, I have earned some amounts that if I can cash them, at least the 40$ that I have spent for my two domains would be compensated already

  3. Thanks Martin for agreeing with me. In a way, blogging is a two way benifits right, you enjoy while you earn.

  4. Hi Rogue, yup the domain expense has been paid already. So far so good on my side.

  5. Hello Rose! tama ka nga..I wish I have known this before (blogging) para kumita ako ng malaki...heheh....I just found out this last month...:)
    Glad to meet you here....keep it up!

  6. gee, iv been hearing about it, earning $$$ while blogging that's awesome, haven't tried it
    blog for me is an outlet to spill all the stuffs on my gray matter...but talking about earning some dimes by just blogging that's yahoo (not the company)...
    betta try it
    thnks for this post, this gives me another dose of encouragement to stay on the blog,lol....

    btw, just like you chubs...newbie here...
    - on the learning process now! take care- always!

  7. ^_^ Hello demcy, oo nga eh but better late than never ika nga kaya we'll keep on going.. Malay mo one day maging milyonaryo twyo thru blogging hahaha.. Glad to meeting you also, its nice to blog because you will meet a lot of friends, filipinos mostly.

  8. ^_^ Hi Sunny, yup, you should try it para naman may bonus ang enjoyment natin in blogging..


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