Monday, August 25, 2008

Watch out!

I was stunned when my sister-in-law in the States told me weeks ago that there was a porn video pop up on my page. I was like, it can't be! I was so defensive because I never knew that it exists. But then, I found out that one of my bloggie friends had the same problem. So I told myself, maybe its true. But weeks had passed and I'd already forgotten about it. Thinking that it went away because I'd already removed some of the widgets that I had installed on my sidebar (that's what my bloggie friend did to remedy this problem). But to my dismay, I just got informed yesterday that there was another pop up again. That was it, that's the last straw for me, this has got to stop! I am so pissed off and embarrassed that such things exist in my blog without my knowledge. 

My page is created in order to impart some inspiring experiences to decent readers with different ages, so please don't use it to promote your kalaswaan at kababuyan! Create your own website and show whatever you want, don't display that type of thing here. Don't corrupt my readers with your evil wrongdoings. Don't use my page in monetizing your piggyback porn sites! Shame on YOU! Don't you have conscience? For Christ's sake, spare my webpage with your dirty crap! To all my readers, please don't hesitate to tell me if you see this type of pop up again. Thank you!


  1. hmmm... so far, so good, i haven't seen it or else me drools over,lol....yeah thts a filthy work. jeez i dont know about it....meron pala ganun,waheehehe...

  2. Yup, it does exist. though I never see it, visitors lang ang target. Buti na lang di ikaw nakikta lol.. The concern citizen who told me said that it might be caused by which I had, so i remove all of it. Kainis nga as in, I was like froze up when they told me about it.. The nerve of those who want's to earn money with the expense of innocent people.. Gosh, nahahighblood tuloy ako..

  3. Hello Chubskulit, I have not seen it...I guess you have to take precautions re your computer's security.

    All advertisments have cookies, and most are tracking cookies see where you visit.
    Again, there are people whose pc already corrupted with bad popups and viruses and when you visit them, if you don't have good security, it will sneak into your computer.

    There are security programs you can utilise to clean off these unwanted bad stuff...get a friend who knows to help you.
    There are very good 'pop up killer' you can it. A lot are free.

    I keep my blog clean of any adverts as I don't want any cookies, as well they slow down my blog opening.'ll be alright...keep well.
    By the way, you sure one very attractive lady, ahemmm. Lee.

  4. wahehehee thnks for the info....chill out....pero thts really off un gamiting blog mo para kumita sila....kaya xtra care....chill out!!!

  5. ^_^ Thanks a lot Uncle Lee for the advises and tips, will sure do that!

    ^_^ Yes kabayan, it truly making me sick that they incorporate those crap in someone else's blog..Perverts!

  6. Hi Chubskulit...take a look at this security site...

    When I was using my 14 years old computer I used to download quite a few of the free security programs and had no problems with popups.
    They have good popup killers, ha ha.
    I bought a new Apple Imac24 three months ago and Apple has a very good system, protection against popups and viruses...
    Please read carefully before downloading, and MAKE SURE IT's FREE, as some are DEMO and have to pay.

    Check out the free ones.
    Hope it will help you, best regards, Lee.
    Ps, you sing, Dahil Sayoh? I love that song...I have it in my blog player, Nat King Cole singing it.

    Oh ya...if anything wrong with you pc, do not let it be taken away for repairs...get a friend do it for you at your if take to a shop, an unscrupulous rascal can download all your stuff, OR...sneak in a malicious cookie and read all your secrets. Lee.

  7. oh dear..someone also commented that my widget pop up something obscene too, i didnt see it for myself cos my pc has blocked all pop ups... oh, i registered for this clicking ads for money..i wonder whether it is causing the virus in? anyone can advice?

  8. ^_^Hi reana claire, i think it all depends on the widgets we put in our site. just like what i said did it on mine, because when i used them they just popped on my window but i thought that it would be safe but I was wrong. Now that I dont have them anymore, I do hope that they won't attack my site..

  9. Some widgets does it. Once you install the code in your page it will cause a pop up. So before you install widgets see to it that you really know that the source of that widget is legit. I have nothing against porn but having pop-ups in your page that you do not want is another story.

    If you know how to read code probably it would be better to read the code first befor installing it on your site.

    But coding is not always a woman's thing so the best thing for you to do is remove all the widgets that you think might have caused the pop ups. Here's a list of some advertising companies that cater to adult websites. Some of them also cater to clean sites, it would be best to steer clear from these :
    Adult Friend Finder
    Adult Platform (VideoBox)
    Adult Webmaster Empire (LiveJasmin)
    AEBN (
    AVN Ads
    GammeCash (GammaE)
    HugeTraffic (
    Icocash2 (HQTube)

    Some of their names are obvious but others have innocent sounding names.

  10. hi rose I miss you girl just came back from camping.. I hope you resolved the problems you had in your page...I checked on your site but haven't seen that bad stuff anymore.

  11. so far I haven't seen it to my page niether your page when I open it. what a lucky!
    Mayron talagang mga ganyan walang magawa sa buhay.

  12. thank goodness i don't see it. how awful of whoever's at fault. :|

  13. Thanks again U. Lee. I would leave those job to my husband hahaha. I'm not really good in those stuff, maybe that's why I got fooled with the

  14. ^_^Hi lou, glad ure back! Dami ko share sayo bout 3Ps na nakakainis hahaha..I hope that it will go away for good..

    ^_^ Thanks a lot Pastilan.. You're right, codes arent for me.... Dami mo collection of adult sites ah...hmmmmn lol!

    ^_^Am so pissed off ate weng kalain mo yun, buti na lang concern pinay din nakakita.. Obnoxios people like that eh masarap katayin ng buhay!

    ^_^ Am thankful of that too Mitch,.. That's why I am so worried because of young readers..


  15. yeah, I didn't experience it with your page ate rose

    'cause my anti-virus/firewall prevents pop-ups unless allowed

    i hope it gets fixed and never returns

  16. I have not been attacked yet by any pop up on your blog. If I do get attacked, I shall promptly let you know.

  17. I don't see any pop-up while opening your site. I will inform you if i see it.

  18. ^_^ Hi Peachy, I am glad that you never saw those, kundi matatakot ka.. I didn't see it myself either. But I think, now that I removed those widgets naybe they leave my site alone.

    ^_^ Thanks alot rummuser and tikno..

    ^_^By the way U. Lee, i do sing Dahil Sayo...

    May God bless all of you guys and thank you for all your help with this ordeal..

  19. message from my chatbox from ate ces..

    26 Aug 08, 01:22
    cecile: yup, i think have that pop up for awhile, but it is gone now, don't worry that happens all the time, even one of my friend at friendster got that one once andwas very apologetic and crying


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