Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks a lot for all my friends who take time to read my posts and sharing their valuable time in giving me comments. I can't thank you enough dearblogpals.. You can see your names at the sidebar of my blog, the top ten contributors. If your name is not on the list yet, that means you have to contribute more lol.. To my commentators who aren't on the list yet, I also would want to give you my deepest gratitude for your time spent while visiting my page. Thanks again!


  1. im be the valedictorian, lol
    thnx too mads,,,see u always....

  2. Yeyyyyyyy, Summa Cum Laude ka lol.. Thanks a bunch for always giving comments..

  3. kawawang ako, nasa rank 8 hehe. di bale babawi ako

  4. Hahaha, It's okey ate weng, late na kasi tayo nagkakilala hehehe..


  5. hi, thanks for visiting korean food and of course i'd like to ex-link in this blog of yours.

    happy monday!

  6. i can't see my name in your
    side bar?
    thanks for vist
    talagang very rampant
    crime dito sa pinas
    buti nga sayo at nasa ibang
    bansa ka na

  7. hi rose, thank you din for visiting my blog lagi. :)

  8. hi rose, salamat sa lagi mo ng apg bisita. sobra talagang hirap lalo na nuong o to 2 months pero ngayon ok ok na. kayang kaya na hehe! walang magawa blessings eh. regards


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