Saturday, August 2, 2008

How I Wish...

How I wish...... I could stay home today Play with my kids and be with hubby How I wish I could be with my famiy. How I wish... Commodities are cheap So we don't need a part time or second job How I wish it could be this way.. But my wishes are far from reality. Need to be realistic so as to help our family To secure good future especially for our kids.. But I am still wishing..... HOW I WISH I COULD STAY... Share with me your wishes...


  1. Ganda naman ng mga wishes mo hehe.

  2. OO nga ate Weng, all I could do is to make a wish.. Should I send this to GMA Kapuso? Baka sakaling iapalabas sa TV hahaha..


  3. wish..
    sometimes make us fly
    often it is far from reality
    at least we are happy to have it and enjoy the day..

  4. Thank you Cahaya Hati Nurati for sharing your wis with me..

  5. wishes are for free and yeat makes us relax and smile without a cost... as you have said, we hope commodities are not that high priced... i got loads of wishes too. Happy blogging dear.

  6. if your hubby is working and you have one work, two kids is not that heavy... why need a second job?

  7. ahahaha. yeah it's good to have wishes

    free naman yun

    it shows we want to have continuous improvement

    it's also better if we make it a driving force to do something about it

    ate rose... fortunate na naman... you are happy, you have family, you have jobsssss

    many people wish what you have by now

    but i wish you always good health, sound mind, good relationship with your hubby and children, and a good relationship with God


  8. To Wanderer, I don't have to work if it just for us but I have to help my family in the Philippines. It's part of our traditon you know.

    Thanks Peachy for that very nice wishes for me. I do wish good health and lifetime happiness for you and your boyfriend too..

  9. di ko ini nabasa maray ha,,
    nagluwas na naman ang pagkamakata mo tubuan ka ngani ki dahon dyan hala ka:(ala ..balagtas joke joke) hahaha


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