Sunday, August 3, 2008


Whew! I just got done visiting all the blogpals on my list, kakapagod din pala. I am just sad that while browsing and giving my sincere comments to some I noticed that some of them don't even have my link on their list (sigh), though they told me that they will include me in theirs.. Oh well that's life, all I can do is to just delete some of those who never visit me (maybe because they don't have my link).. Have to go to work tonight so I did my rounds earlier.. Happy blogging everyone!


  1. too bad then to hear your frustrations. I too scraped my list of links, i dont want to much of them who are inactive. Now i focus on peole wo are returning comments and are active. I got your link in one of my sites, although I have two.

    Have you seen it when you hopped? Well, i guess maybe because i have listed only two links, yours and my other blog's link..

    WebbieStuffs... the wanderer

  2. Hey.
    Thanks for coming to my blog ((:

  3. i don't feel that tied hopping actually. I visit people who comment from other people's blog.. for me, the people who comment are worth visiting... and of course those who comment with sense, not only "hello", "good day" "thanks for visiting" stuffs.. i hate these mediocre comments... well, i might not approve unrelated comments anymore.

    ANyways, sometimes there are lot of frustrations in blogging too.. how long have you been blogging, Rose?

    WebbieStuffs... the wanderer ^_^

  4. Yup Kabayan webloglearner, I've seen your links and thanks.. I usually visit your two sites and leave comments..

    Thanks too rochelle for comming by..

  5. mads ur not alone, so sad to know that im so seriously visiting those--but they dont notice us. but thats life still i continue visited them..matira matibay hehehehehehe
    anyway thank you for those noticed and replied me....

  6. All of the people commenting here are right.
    I am a new blogger, I just started last May, I think.
    I like reading other peoples entries and to those people who I feel like sincere and not only just passing by..
    Take care


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